Staff Directory

Mailing Address

Dean’s Office

South College
150 Hicks Way
Amherst, MA 01003-9274
phone: 413-545-4169
fax: 413-545-4171

The College of Humanities and Fine Arts works hard for its students, and our staff are among the most dedicated and productive at the University.


Name Role Location Phone Email
Julie Hayes
Dean 224 South College 413-545-4169
Kathy Randall
Administrative Assistant to the Dean 221 South College 413-545-4169
Joseph Bartolomeo
Associate Dean for Operations & Planning 201 South College 413-545-2575
Rex Wallace
Associate Dean for Academic Personnel & Research 203 South College 413-545-3408
Dana Ritter
Chief Financial Manager 212 South College 413-577-4425
Alice Kielbowicz
Accountant 209 South College 413-545-1477
Maria Prescott
Accountant 209 South College 413-545-5004
Lauren Matusko
Chief Personnel Officer 213 South College 413-545-0950
Connie Chatterton
Personnel Officer 211 South College 413-545-4838
Joanne Dolan
Facilities Coordinator 210 South College 413-545-2273
Steven Rigler
Director of Information Technology 102 South College 413-545-3683


Name Role Location Phone Email
Sarah Gibbons
Director of Marketing & Communications 205 South College 413-577-4423
Lucia Miller
Director of Development 202 South College 413-577-4421
Kim Delude
Development Assistant 204 South College 413-545-2563
Lynne Latham
Assistant to Associate Deans & Director of Development 204 South College 413-545-0378

Student Services

Name Role Location Phone Email
Nikki Stoia
Associate Dean of Advising E-20 Machmer Hall 413-545-6152
Sandra Pirrello
Director of Advising E-20 Machmer Hall 413-545-6152
Linda Reid
Director of Student Retention & Programming E-20 Machmer Hall 413-577-1055