Computer Renewal Program

The Computer Renewal Program keeps faculty and staff up to date with modern computer technology The Program insures all permanent faculty and staff have access to a modern computer (PC or Apple) to support our educational mission.  Learn more by reading our lists of frequently asked questions and example computers.  A faculty or staff is eligible to participate every four years, or any time they do not have a University-funded computer that is less than four years old. Funding is sufficient to pay for a basic computer, expected to be compatible with common productivity software that becomes available over the next four years.  Supplemental funding, such as MSP, is very important because it works together with Computer Renewal Program funds to provide faculty and staff with laptops and more expensive computers.

Beyond funding and ordering computers, the Program provides participants with a combination of services always available to every CHFA faculty and staff member: technology consulting to identify a member’s needs and recommend the best technology, quotes to provide the greatest possible performance for funds available, delivery and installation of computers, peripherals and software, on-site training and ongoing on-site support.