Edgar Allan Poe Conference: Oct. 29th-31st, 2009
It's been 200 years since Edgar Allan Poe was born and what better way to celebrate than with a conference on his relationship with New England and influences on New England's writers, poets, artists, and musicians? Fittingly enough, Poe and the Writers and Artists of New England was held on the weekend of Halloween, a touch that surely, Poe would have appreciated.


To see what it was all about, here's a video.


This conference featured not only panels chock full of well-known authors and artists but also public readings, a concert and exhibition of Poe-inspired visual arts, a Poe film series, and book signings. Some of the people involved were Elizabeth Hand (Generation Loss, Waking the Moon), Craig Shaw Gardner (A Malady of Magicks, Batman Returns), renowned artist and illustrator Barry Moser, and artist Christin Couture (pictured below).





It was obviously a pretty fun time, judging from this photo of artist Jack Coughlin and Barry Moser.





Below, two Halloween revellers enjoy the Poe conference. What better way to celebrate Halloween?







Here's the initial press release.