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Achievements 2007-2008

Laura Doyle

Department of English, ISHA Spring '03

    Associate Dean, CHFA. Spring 2008.

John Gerber

Department of Plant, Soil and Insect Sciences, ISHA Fall '02

    Distinguished Teaching Award, Fall 2008.

Daniel Gordon

Department of History, ISHA 04-05

    Interim Director, BDIC, Spring 2008.

John Kingston

Department of Linguistics, ISHA Board, ISHA Spring '03

    College Outstanding Teacher Award.

Banu Subramaniam

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, ISHA Spring ’03, 04-05, 06-07, 09-10

    Associate Dean, CHFA.

Martin Wobst

Department of Anthropology, ISHA 07-08

    Distinguished Faculty Lecturer.