Faculty research is integral to the vibrant intellectual, scholarly, and creative community at the College of Humanities and Fine Arts. The areas of interest and investigation found among its members cover an extensive range of disciplines, subjects, and forms of artistic expression. In addition to the approaches taken by individual faculty members, collective efforts focused on broader and inter-disciplinary applications occur in the College’s research centers, institutes, and laboratories. The College is also “home” to several academic journals and publications that reflect faculty research and creative interests.

From the pursuit of creativity in the performing and visual arts to intellectual enquiry into the fundamental basis of our existence, and from the scholarly exploration and documentation of our present and past to the investigation of languages, literatures and cultures, the office of the Associate Dean for Academic Personnel and Research offers programs and promotes opportunities that support and encourage these activities.

Grants for research and creative activities are available from the College through several programs that operate on a competitive basis. Applications to these College-based programs are accepted annually or bi-annually. Additionally, the University sponsors faculty research through several awards for which the College’s faculty may apply. Visit our "Support" page to find out more.

Faculty members in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts are also encouraged to seek external sources in the form of grants or fellowships that will fund their research directly.

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