HFA at a Glance

Facts and figures about the College of Humanities and Fine Arts, its alumni, and its impact on the Western Massachusetts economy:

  • 3,060 undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled in the College.
  • The College has 36 majors, 25 minors, and 19 post graduate degrees.
  • The College employs 379 faculty and staff and has a budget of over $32 million.
  • There are 4,500 alumni living in the Pioneer Valley who generate 1/4 billion dollars of economic activity in the each year and provide 20,000 days of volunteer service.
  • 800 HFA alumni help lead the institutions that support the local Creative Economy.
  • Over 35% of HFA alumni living in the Pioneer Valley live in Amherst, one of its bordering towns or Northampton.
  • In a recent survey, 39% of HFA alumni indicated that they are arts and humanities teachers.
  • 47% of HFA alumni indicated they donate to cultural organizations.
  • 46% of HFA alumni consider themselves amateur writers or artists.
  • HFA faculty have written over 200 books.
  • HFA faculty have received over 200 awards and honors.