The Office of Research Affairs (ORA), the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (OCFR), and the Office of Grant and Contract Administration (OGCR) are all separate organizations, but they work closely together. While each office focuses on different kinds of grants, and thus can offer different kinds of help, it’s important to understand that typically a grant writer may need to be in touch with more than one office. The descriptions below provide a brief overview of each office and at what point in the process you may need to be in contact with them. (For additional details, please follow the highlighted links.)

Office of Research Affairs: First contact point for internal grants (e.g. FRG/Healey) and limited submission grants from foundations or government agencies.

Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations: First contact for grants offered by private foundations. Once a grant is written for a foundation (and OCFR will help with that), an applicant should still work with OGCA on the budget and submission process.

Office of Grant and Contract Administration: First contact for government grants and the last contact in any external grants process (budget, submission, etc.). OGCA also processes the award once received and can help you find a grant program that fits your research idea.


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