Contacts for Internal, UMass Grants 

If you’re applying for a Faculty Research Grant/Healey Endowment Grant (FRG/HEG) contact Bruce McCandless, the director of the Office of Research Affairs. We strongly recommend that you do so if you want to resubmit an internal FRG/Healey proposal that has been rejected.  (Second time submissions typically have a higher rate of success.)

Melinda LeLacheur, the Administrative Assistant to the Director in the Office of Research Affairs, is available to consult if you are preparing an application. While she cannot help you write the application, she has many successful proposals from past years that she can share and is also available to answer any questions.


Contacts for Government Grants 

The Office of Grant and Contract Administration is, first of all, the University accountant for all grants for which funds will be paid to the University rather than to you as an individual.  You MUST contact OGCA if you are submitting an application for such a grant. They also offer support and advice for federal, state, and other public grants.  Helen Bishop, the Proposal Development Administrator in OGCA, works with faculty at the initial stage of the funding search and can help you find specific grant programs that match your research interests.

When you are ready to submit a grant, you must get in touch with the appropriate OGCA Proposal Contact.  For example, if you have a proposal for an NEH grant, you would contact John Fillio.  You can find the appropriate contact by visiting the OGCA Proposal Contacts page.  Make this contact well in advance of the deadline.

Contacts for Foundation Grants

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations cultivates University relations with private foundations and corporations, including funding faculty research.  Whereas OGCA handles public funders, OCFR handles private funders, and it is best to contact them about private funding because they often have information about an organization that does not appear on the organization’s website (such as funding patterns and preferences).  In this office, Linda Sopp,  the Associate Director of OCFR, will help you prepare a grant if she is given ample time.  Contact her early in your process and she can help you write an effective grant.   Once you are preparing to submit the grant, or working on the budget, however, contact OGCA as all grants not paid directly to the individual are submitted through this office.

Contacts for Limited Submission Grants

Many grants limit the number of submissions an institution can submit; in these cases you'll need to contact Melinda LeLacheur, who is the Administrative Assistant to the Director in the Office of Research Affairs, to ensure that your proposal can be considered as one of those going forward from UMass. Even if you've talked to someone in OGCA or OCFR, Melinda LeLacheur needs to be informed as well.

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