PURPOSE: The College of Humanities and Fine Arts recognizes that classified and professional staff members often come across opportunities to improve their skills and knowledge in conjunction with their work-related responsibilities. The Classified and Professional Staff Development Awards program will now provide staff with an opportunity to apply for funding support to take advantage of an array of possible courses and educational training programs some of which often occur in off-campus settings.


ELIGIBILITY: All College of Humanities and Fine Arts classified and professional staff members are eligible for this program.


TYPES OF PROGRAMS: The College is seeking to support specific courses and training programs that would directly relate to one's responsibilities in the departmental or administrative workplace. These may include individual courses of a duration of up to a semester, or training programs, seminars, or courses that are designed for single day presentation; in short, any professional educational experience that brings added value and benefit to one’s duties and responsibilities here in the College. Courses or training sessions that might be held for groups of three or more individuals, particularly if they could be presented here on campus, would also be encouraged. Additionally, courses that one is taking toward the completion of a degree program are eligible only on a case by case basis; the primary consideration being the course’s application to one’s responsibilities in the department or College.


PROCEDURE FOR APPLYING FOR FUNDS: Note -- the maximum amount available per year is $500. Please fill out the form available here. Make sure that your application includes documentation for the program you wish to attend. Provide a simple break down of costs (registration fees, if any, travel, program fee, food, etc.) and attach it to your completed application and send it to the College of Humanities and Fine Arts in South College, c/o Jeanne Lapan. Your application will be reviewed and sent to the Dean for final approval. You will then be notified by mail and, if approved, funds will be transferred to an account in your department to cover your expenses.



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