Application due dates:  First Fridays in October and March (October 7, 2011 and March 2, 2012)                                        

Maximum amount: $4,000

Amounts of up to $4,000 may be requested for activities related to a research or creative project you will undertake and for which other College grant opportunities do not exist. Project Funds cannot, be used as compensation for faculty time and must be clearly connected to the advancement of a specific project. Faculty members who are awarded Project Funds will submit a one-page report summarizing their progress on or before June 30, 2013.



The College's faculty members at any rank may apply, although priority will be given to Associate Professors who have not previously received Project Funds.  Note that faculty members are not permitted to hold Project Fund and Enhanced Sabbatical Fund awards in the same fiscal year. Project Funds awarded in AY 2012 must be expended by the end of FY 2013 (June 30, 2013).


Application Process

Submit a completed Project Fund cover sheet and a proposal no more than two-pages long that includes:

•  a description of their project and its relationship to their larger research agenda/creative plan,

•  a detailed budget describing how the funds would be spent,

•  other sources of funding you have received for this project and those for which you have already or will apply, and

•  a narrative explaining how the funding requested would move a specific project forward.


Criteria for Evaluation

Proposals will be reviewed by the HFA Research Council according to the following ranked criteria and awarded on a competitive basis:

1)  how clearly the funding requested is connected to a specific project,

2)  the importance of that project to the faculty member’s larger research agenda/creative plan, and

3)  the likelihood that Project Funds will contribute to the completion of or acceleration of progress on a project.


Please direct your questions to Rex Wallace, Associate Dean for Research and Academic Personnel (5-3408) or to Lynne Latham (5-0378). Applications should be submitted via e-mail to Lynne Latham ( with a copy to the Associate Dean (


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