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University of Massachusetts Amherst

Faculty Presentation Funds


Application due date: Applications are accepted throughout the year.           

Maximum amount: $1,250 per faculty member per fiscal year travelling to destinations in North America OR $1,500 per faculty member per fiscal year travelling to international destinations other than Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean


Faculty members in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts present the results of their research, creative, and scholarly efforts at conferences, educational institutions, and professional meetings world-wide.  To encourage and support this activity the College offers the Faculty Presentation Fund program. 

Requests for amounts up to $1,250 or up to $1,500, as outlined above, will be considered.  Funds awarded through this program may be applied to expenses associated with professional presentations such as registration fees, airfare, lodging, meals (per diem), etc.  This money may be directed toward a single presentation or toward multiple presentations.

You are encouraged to submit your application six weeks in advance of the presentation date. Applications will be accepted up to one month after the date of the presentation.



Applications will be accepted from all full-time CHFA faculty members.


Application Process

Requests should be submitted well in advance, but must be received no later than one month after the presentation date.

If you are requesting funds for multiple presentations, you must submit a separate application for each.

Please be sure to use the application form linked below.  It was updated for the 2014 academic year and previous versions of Faculty Presentation Fund applications will not be accepted.

Submit each of the items listed below to Lynne Latham via e-mail or campus mail (204 South College).

      1. 1.  A completed application form. To complete and save an electronic version of the pdf application, you will need to download the form using Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Pro. You may need to click on the "open with different viewer" box and then choose Acrobat Reader or Pro.  Viewing the pdf using your internet browser will not allow you to fill in the blanks. If you are unable to complete the form, contact Lynne to request a Word version.
        University per diem rates
        for travel in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico are either $46 or $71/day.  Authorized amounts for travel to other destinations are based on federal rates. Please be aware that you may be required to complete a Pre-Travel Authorization form prior to your departure.  This form, however, is NOT part of the Faculty Presentation Fund application. A signed Pre-Travel Authorization form should be submitted with your receipts when you request reimbursement.
        Note that your signature and that of your department head or chair are both required, whether or not either is contributing to the anticipated expenses. The pdf form will allow you to insert a digital signature if you have one.  (Learn how to create one.) If you do not, then print the completed form and sign it.

      2. 2.  A single-page abstract of the paper, presentation, or performance you will give.

      3. 3.  An event program or other publicity on which you have highlighted your name, presentation topic, and presentation date.  While program publicity is preferable, a letter from the event sponsor indicating acceptance your paper or presentation and confirming your role in the program may be provided.



Submit your completed application to Lynne Latham (5-0378) via e-mail or campus mail (204 South College).


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