• Review Non-Profit Guides: Grant Writing Tools for Non-Profit Organizations for guidelines on grant writing as well as samples of preliminary and full grant proposals. 

• Visit the Proposal Writing and Research Development site from the Office of Research Affairs for helpful advice as well as proposal development tools.

• Share your work with potential recommendation-letter writers long before you plan to apply. And eventually choose recommenders who understand your project and can explain it to others; have a reputation in the field; and are from a range of institutions that ideally include one or more prestigious ones.

• Plan to apply for several grants using different versions of your proposal as needed. Visit websites and get a sense of grant deadlines and requirements well in advance. 

• Consider applying for internal grants and smaller grants earlier in the project to gain grant-writing practice and to sharpen your presentation of your project.

• Frame your project in a way that will appeal to a broad scholarly audience and adjust your language for readers outside your field. Use less technical or highly conceptual language and shorter sentences than you usually would. In establishing the strength of your record and project, be straightforward. Don’t hesitate to mention all honors and accomplishments. Write with clarity and verve.

• Share your proposal with colleagues who have been awarded grants from the same or similar programs.

• Attend grant writing workshops presented by the Office of Research Affairs.


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