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University of Massachusetts Amherst

External Funding


Staff members in the Office of Research Development or the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations are happy to help you navigate the options below. Their familiarity with the resources available and funding source preferences can help you find the best match for your goals and needs.

HFA faculty members seeking grants should contact Rick Taupier (5-5529), who can help you with proposal development and funding options for the humanities. Those who already have clear plans regarding the agency to which they will submit a grant proposal need to be in touch with the individual responsible for proposals funded by that sponsor prior to its submission.. This link will take you to a list of those contacts.  



A January 4, 2012 article published online by Inside Higher Ed covers several commonsense and practical measures that can help focus your efforts to identify potential funding sources and to prepare a well-crafted proposal. If you have not applied for grant funding or have not yet been a successful applicant, you are encouraged to read Russ Olwell's essay, "Apply for Your First Grant."


Broader Funding Searches


If you aren't looking to fund a specific project but want to learn more about options that might fit your scholarly interests, you might:


Browse Funding Search EnginesLooking through a broad range of available grants can give you get a sense of the areas for which funding is available and might inform development of a proposal tailored to your research interests.

Contact Rick Taupier, Associate Director of Program Development in the Office of Research Development.  Rick's job is to help faculty members identify grant opportunities that are aligned with their research interests.

  • Register to access the Community of Science Database. The Community of Science Database has been broadened to include areas in the humanities and fine arts. By registering, this service gives you access to interest-specific and general information about grant opportunities and funding sources and receive targeted funding alerts via e-mail.  To use this database, contact the Office of Grants Administration (5-0698 or e-mail) for information about registering and creating a research profile.  


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