Dean’s Priority Endowment Funds

To enhance our ability to provide students with a meaningful, relevant, and inspiring education, Dean Julie Hayes has prioritized three endowed funds that will provide needed financial support to enhance the undergraduate experience.

Humanities and Fine Arts Artists and Scholars in Residence Fund

This fund provides all programs and departments with the opportunity to bring visiting artists and scholars to campus where students will be able to interact and learn from their experiences. Dean Hayes recognizes the added value of the residencies to the intellectual and artistic climate for both students and faculty.

Humanities and Fine Arts Dean’s Undergraduate Scholarship Fund

This fund augments the financial assistance available with scholarships that may be awarded to undergraduate students in any department or program in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts.

Humanities and Fine Arts Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund

This fund gives undergraduates the opportunity to conduct and participate in research on campus or in the field.  This experience is one Dean Hayes believes to be invaluable to students for the exposure it offers to pursue individual academic interests, the sense of accomplishment it engenders, the knowledge it can foster, and the academic or scholarly preparation it can provide.