Dear Alums and Friends of the College of Humanities & Fine Arts,

UMass Amherst is unmistakably on the rise. Even in the face of a sluggish economy and dwindling state support, UMass Amherst is poised to surge upward and become one of the strongest public research universities in the country. The key to the University's success is the renewed engagement and support of its alumni and friends at all levels.


Your interest and involvement in what we’re doing and your feedback about how we’re doing it is vital and instructive. Your support of the University, at whatever level you’re able to commit, is an investment not only in your educational legacy but that of many others as well. And your commitment to and through the creative heart of the University—the College of Humanities & Fine Arts—is a powerful reminder of the College’s important role in preparing new generations of innovators and creators.


Please consider making a gift in any amount in support of one of the College's many departments and programs, or to the College itself in furtherance of one of its current priorities:

Providing Educational Access
Supporting Recruitment Efforts and Scholarship Opportunities

Fostering Scholarly Excellence
Supporting Faculty Research, Student Success, and Priority Projects

Expanding Professional Opportunities
Supporting Career Development and Internship Opportunities

Building Community Near and Far
Supporting Local Urban and Rural Outreach as well as International Study

Raising Awareness and Support for All of the Above
Engaging Alums and Friends through Improved Communications Tools and Outreach Programs

Your support in any amount is greatly appreciated. To make a gift or request more information, visit the UMass Online Giving Page. Or, you may call me at 413-577-4421.

With many thanks,


Lucia Miller
Director of Development