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Faculty Profile

Britt Rusert, the new assistant professor and Chief Undergraduate Advisor of the Afro-American Studies department, discusses how the humanities and sciences intersect in her research and the scholarly implications of Samuel Delaney's fantasy fiction. More...



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The College's official policy on academic and artistic freedom and community response.


Books & Published Works by HFA Faculty 2007


Antony, Louise, ed. Philosophers Without Gods.Oxford University Press: 2007 (Philosophy)


Bachelder, Chris. US!. Bloomsbury Publishing PLC: 2007 (English)


Berlin, Eric M. End of the Matter - Premiers for Trumpet. MSR Classics: May 2007 (Music)


Bunk, Brian. Ghosts of Passion: Martyrdom, Gender and the Origins of the Spanish Civil War. Duke University Press: 2007 (History)


Cathey, James, trans. & ed. A Survey of Proto-Indoeuropean: Indogermanistisches Grundwissen. Hempel Verlag: 2007 (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures)


Fagundes, Francisco Cota. Portuguese Traditions: In Honor of Claude L. Hulet. Portuguese Heritage Publications: 2007 (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures)


Fagundes, Francisco Cota, ed. Oral and Written Narratives and Cultural Identity: Interdisciplinary Approaches. Peter Lang Publishing: 2007 (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures)


Hawkey, Christian. Citizen Of. Wave Books: 2007 (English)  


Johnson, Kyle. Topics in Ellipsis. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2007 (Linguistics)


Laurie, Bruce & Ronald Story. The Rise of Conservatism in America: A Brief History with Documents. Bedford/St. Martin: 2007 (History)


Lovette, Laura. Conceiving the Future: Pronatalism, Reproduction and the Family in the United States, 1890-1938. University of North Carolina Press: 2007 (History)


McCarthy, John. Hidden Generalizations: Phonological Opacity in Optimality Theory. London: Equinox 2007 (Linguistics)


Minear, Richard. The Scars of War: Tokyo during World War II: Writings of Takeyama Michio (Asian/Pacific Perspectives; Asian Voices). Roman and Littlefield: 2007 (History)


Murray, Sabina. Forgery. Grove/Atlantic: June 2007 (English)


Nissenbaum Stephen, et al, editors, The Industrial Book, 1840-1880. University of North Carolina Press: 2007 (History)


Ornelas, Jose N., co-edited with Paulo de Medeiros. Da possibilidade do impossivel: Leituras de Saramago. Portuguese Studies Center, University of Utrecht: 2007 (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures)


Philippides, Marios. Mehmed II the Conqueror and the Fall of the Franco-Byzantine Levant to the Ottoman Turks: Some Western Testimonies. Arizona University Press: 2007 (Classics)


Platt, Stephen. Provincial Patriots: The Hunanese and Modern China. Harvard University Press: 2007 (History)


Ramsby, Teresa. Textual Permanence: Roman Elegists and the Epigraphic Tradition. Duckworth Press: 2007 (Classics)


Rausch, Jane. From Frontier Town to Metropolis: A History of Villavicencio, Columbia, Since 1842. Roman & Littlefield Publishers: 2007 (History)


Richards, Leonard. The California Gold Rush and the Coming of the Civil War. Knopf: 2007 (History)


Richardson, Heather Cox. West from Appomatox: The Reconstruction of America after the Civil War. Yale University Press: 2007 (History)-


Shabazz, Amilcar, ed. Women & Others: Perspective on Race, Gender, and Empire. Palgrave Macmillan Press: 2007 (Afro-American Studies)


Sinha, Manisha, ed. Contested Democracy: Freedom, Race and Power in American History. Columbia University Press: 2007 (Afro-American Studies)


Toomey, David. The New Time Travelers: A Journey to the Frontiers of Physics. W.W. Norton: 2007 (English)


Wallace, Rex E. The Sabellic Languages of Ancient Italy. Lincom: 2007 (Classics)


Weir, Robert. et al ,editor, Class in America: An Encyclopedia (3 vols.) Greenwood Press: 2007 (History)


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