Nomination deadline:  Wednesday, February 8, 2012


All HFA faculty members are eligible for this award and departments are not limited to a single nominee, although previous award recipients are ineligible. Nominations may be initiated by a faculty member's department head or chair, by her/his department’s personnel committee, or by a colleague in the College of Humanities & Fine Arts. Faculty members may also nominate themselves. Regardless of a nomination’s source, the supporting information and documents required for each nominee are the same. They include: a completed HFA colleague nomination form, a completed statement form from the nominee, and a student support form. Links to these documents are at the bottom of this page.


In considering the selection of a nominee and how one can best be supported, you may wish to take into account the following criteria adapted from the Center for Teaching’s award guidelines:

Teaching Effectiveness and Creativity

Evidence that the individual:

•  Has developed effective teaching skills,

•  Is enthusiastic, well prepared, and presents the material in a clear manner,

•  Encourages and motivates student learning,

•  Is open to new techniques and different pedagogical approaches that stimulate intellectual growth and generate student participation,

•  Is fair and reasonable conducting student evaluations.

Impact on Students

Evidence that the teacher:

•  Cares about students and has shown concern for their educational development,

•  Is approachable and available to students in and outside the classroom,

•  Is tolerant of different viewpoints and treats students with respect.

Subject Mastery and Scholarship

Evidence that the faculty member

•  Has mastered the subject areas covered in the courses taught,

•  Incorporates new ideas, research and developments into instruction.

Contributions to Teaching Mission

Evidence that the teacher is engaged in activities that improve teaching, for example, attending seminars, developing special teaching materials or publications, and exploring alternative pedagogical methods.


Application Materials - due Wednesday, February 8, 2012

HFA Colleague Support Form

Student Support Form

Nominee Statement

All application forms should be submitted electronically to Associate Dean Rex Wallace ( by the individual completing it.  Questions should be directed to Associate Dean Wallace via e-mail or at 5-3408.