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Main office:
440 Herter Hall


Founded as Massachusetts Agricultural College in 1863, when the U.S. was just becoming aware of the importance of East Asia in the modern world, UMass Amherst is the only public institution of higher education in New England to offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Chinese and Japanese, and attracts students from the entire Northeast region.

The undergraduate major programs offer students a sound command of the languages as well as a solid background in literature, linguistics, culture, and civilization. The minor programs offer a combination of skills which can greatly enrich the undergraduate experience and increase postgraduate possibilities. The study-abroad programs are aimed at increasing students' fluency in Chinese and Japanese as well as deepening their understanding of those cultures.

Students attaining the Bachelor of Arts degree have gone on to graduate school, to positions in various businesses (banking, marketing, exporting, investing) in the United States and in Asia, to teaching in Japan and Taiwan, to careers in journalism, diplomacy, government agencies, library science, museums, writing and more.

Students attaining the Master of Arts degree to date have gone on to PhD programs (University of California, Columbia, Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, University of British Columbia, University of Washington) or to law school; others work for investment firms, cross-cultural programs, or in teaching.

Chinese Program Advisor:
David Schneider
442 Herter Hall


Chinese Graduate Program Director:
Enhua Zhang
340 Herter Hall


Japanese Program Advisor:
Stephen Forrest
441 Herter Hall


Japanese Graduate Program Director:
Stephen Miller
336 Herter Hall


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