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Studio Arts Mac Lab
The CHFA IT team installed a new Apple computer lab in the Studio Arts Building. Click here to reserve this facility. Read More
Declamation Day, 2009 Winning Video

Cate Levin wins video competition. Read More

CHFA InformationTechnology

Computer Renewal Program

The Computer Renewal Program keeps faculty and staff up to date with modern computer technology.  The Program insures that all permanent faculty and staff have access to a modern computer (PC or Apple) to support our educational mission.  Learn more by reading our lists of frequently asked questions and example computers. A faculty or staff is eligible to participate every four years, or any time they do not have a University-funded computer that is less than four years old.  To read more, click here.

Computer Security

Most of the campus community relies on computers to remain productive.  From word processing to spreadsheets or even just checking your e-mail, we expect our computers to turn-on and run each morning when we press the power button. Thankfully, most of the time they do, but what happens when they don’t? Many things could cause your computer to run poorly but a common issue we encounter here at the CHFA IT Help Desk are viruses. To read more, click here.

Apple MacBook Review

The Apple MacBook is an excellent computer for the Humanities and Fine Arts professor who is seeking performance and functionality. Whether you are a professor in the English department or in the Art department, the Apple MacBook encourages creativity.  The MacBook is great for classroom instruction because of the superior graphics and portability, weighing about four and a half pounds. To read more, click here.


Training services include both group workshops and individualized, friendly, one-on-one training for all CHFA faculty and staff.  Training services are offered both formally and informally, to be scheduled in advance or whenever time permits.  We provide training on common software packages, including, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, and many more. To read more, click here.