The Apple MacBook is an excellent computer for the Humanities and Fine Arts professor who is seeking performance and functionality. Whether you are a professor in the English department or in the Art department, the Apple MacBook encourages creativity. The ease of use of Mac OS X Leopard makes it a great option for a professor without much computer experience. In addition to Microsoft Office, many programs, such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop, run well on Mac OS X Leopard. The MacBook is great for classroom instruction because of the superior graphics and portability, weighing about four and a half pounds.

     The MacBook has several features that enhance the performance. The Intel Core 2 Duo processor allows several applications to run simultaneously. The MacBook boots to the main desktop screen in under 45 seconds, an important feature for classroom presentations. The improved multi-touch trackpad functions as the trackpad as well as the button, allowing the user to click anywhere on the trackpad. The built-in webcam has automatic focus and excellent resolution. The battery life on the MacBook is about five hours, which is long enough to teach several classes before charging. The 13.3 LED display reduces power consumption for extended use. The speakers produce a clear, wide range of frequencies without any hisses or graininess. The built-in wireless allows access to OIT's expanding wireless network. The applications installed on the MacBook are valuable to Digital Humanities. The new MacBook comes with Apple iLife, including GarageBand, iMovie, iPhoto. In addition, Microsoft Office 2008, which the CHFA IT Help Desk installs on the computer, increases classroom productivity.

     The MacBook embodies Apple's reputation of innovative design. The enclosure is crafted from a single piece of aluminum, which makes for a more durable and greener laptop. Yet the design does create a few noticeable shortcomings, namely the lack of ports. The MacBook has two USB ports. For the Mobile professor, this might not pose an issue. Secondly, the MacBook has a Mini Display Port. This requires an adapter that a busy professor must remember to bring with them to the classroom in order to plug into the projector.

     Overall this notebook is priced competitively with other notebooks in the thin and light category. The Apple Macbook is the ultimate combination of performance and portability.

- Nicholas Li