Technology Consulting makes your work easier and helps you plan for the future.  From useful suggestions and informal recommendations to assistance crafting complex Requests for Proposals from outside vendors, CHFA Information Technology will help you benefit from expert advice and decades of experience solving technology problems of every kind.  We can help you find the right printer, scanner, camera, storage device or peripheral to best meet your needs, and supply your departmental budget manager with respective quotes in compliance with University Procurement policies.  Portable computing technologies like notebook computers, tablet PCs, hand-held computers and smart phones can help you perform specialized tasks in ways that we can help you better understand.  We can custom-configure your computer to create the best workstation specialized for any task you have in mind.  Communication and collaboration technologies we can help you implement include shared calendars, file sharing, network printing, email storage, blogs, discussion forums and more.  Advanced information technology consulting includes website design and information architecture, video production and podcasting, database and multi-user web application development and e-commerce, as well as computer lab design, acquisition and installation.  Among our specialties is identifying tedious and time-consuming manual, paper-based administrative tasks and helping you automate them.