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Forms & Information


Alcohol Policy Memo

Print out & return to the Business Office with all information complete, including the original signature of the individual that purchased alcohol. Business Office staff will obtain Dean's signature to complete form. Downloads: Word Form or PDF Form.

Business Expenses/Employee Reimbursements (BEER)

Submit this completed form (with appropriate invoice) with all related invoices to the Business Office when paying for food, meals, and entertainment expenses.

Corporate Travel Cards

For employees who travel on University Business. Visit Travel Services for more information.

Missing Receipt Affidavit

Print out & return to the Business Office with the travel or reimbursement request form associated with the receipt. Downloads: Word Form or PDF Form.

Moving Expenses

Moving, relocation and temporary housing policy reimbursement paperwork. Note: the Controller's Office can take anywhere from 2-9 days to generate a vendor code. Visit the Employee Moving Expenses page for more information and to download forms.

Non Employee Payments (honoraria, etc.)

An invoice, signed by the vendor, must be prepared and returned to the Business Office. Downloads: Editable Word Form.

Paying a Foreign Vendor

Contact Angela Kapinos by email or phone: 413-545-1433.

Pro Cards

New: Here are some of the services allowed on procard. There is a manual available online, as well as training sessions. Note: Department and Business Office signatures are required on the forms.

Purchase Orders

Print out & return to the Business Office. Visit Procurement for more information. Downloads: Word Form or PDF Form.

Student Appointments/Personnel Actions (undergrads only)

Print out & return to the appropriate HR coordinator. The HR Coordinator will enter the appointment into human resources/Peoplesoft. A copy also needs to be sent to the Business Office so that encumbrances may be subtracted from accounts. Note: graduate appointments are either on GFAFs or, for Graduate Student Hourly Appointments, the new carbonized form that you must pick up at Human Resources. Note that the form posted on their website under Student Personnel Action Forms (SPAF) will no longer be accepted for Graduate Hourly Appointments. Downloads: PDF Form.

Travel Reimbursements

Print out & return to the Business Office with all original receipts and the original signature of the traveler and Department Chair. To be used for employees only. Downloads: Word Form or PDF Form.


1. Converting International Currencies

• Travel reimbursements are made in US dollars. Foreign currencies are converted using the rates here.

• Travelers will be reimbursed using the currency rates that were in effect during the time period of the travel.

• Use of the University's Corporate VISA card eliminates the need to calculate international currency conversions and generally reflects favorable exchange rates.

• A printed itinerary is NOT an acceptable receipt. Hotel bills must be original and must include the daily charges, not just an overall charge.


2. Per Diem Changes (Effective July 1, 2006)

• For travel in Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Seattle, the per diem rate is $50/day.

• For travel in all other cities within the United States, the per diem rate is $40 per day.

• The mileage rate is .51.


3. International Per Diem Rates

• Visit this page for more information.


An original W9 form must be submitted to the Business Office. We then attach a form and submit the W9 to the Controller's Office to generate a Vendor Code. Until a vendor code has been generated, no paperwork to pay or reimburse can be processed. You should send the Business Office the completed W9 as soon as you have it. Do not wait to send the W9 along with all reimbursement paperwork. The Controller's Office can take anywhere from 2 to 9 days to generate a vendor code. Downloads: PDF Form.


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Help with Word and PDF Files


Help with PDF Files

You must have Adobe Acrobat installed. The PDF (Portable Document Format) is designed to be saved to your hard drive and used as a template for all your business office requests. When the form loads in your browser, simply choose SAVE AS from your browser's FILE menu, and save it to your computer. You can then fill it in, and save it on your computer with the data entered for your records.


You can fill the form in online, and print from your browser. Please remember to hit the "reset data" button before you exit.

Help with Word Files

You must have Microsoft Word installed. The Microsoft Word format is designed to be downloaded to your hard drive and used as a template for all your Business Office Requests. When you click on the file, you will be asked whether you want to "Open it" or "Save it to disk".


If you select "Open it"
The application will launch in Microsoft Word, and bring you to that file. You can work in the file, using Tab to get to each form field. You can print the file at this point and return it to the business office. Save the file on your computer with a new name if you want a record of your request.


If you choose "Save it to disk"
You will prompted to indicate where the file will be saved on your local or network hard drive. Once the file is saved, you have a blank file to enter data in. Open it in Word. You can enter data into the form using Tab to get to each form field. Remember to rename the filled-in file before you save it or the blank form will be over-written.

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Useful Links

Accounts Payable
Controllers Office
Faculty Research Grant Program
Human Resources Payroll Forms
Office of Grants & Contracts


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    Business Office Contacts

     Finance Office Contacts

Maria Prescott - Budget Manager
Tom Maxfield - Budget Manager

209 South College
Phone: 413-545-6696
Fax: 413-545-4171


Contact with inquires about:

  • Afro-American Studies
  • Classics

  • Film Studies/Massachusetts Multicultural Film Festival
  • History
  • Judaic and Near Eastern

  • Linguistics
  • Philosophy
  • Women, Gender, Sexuality



Programs & Centers covered by the Business Office:

  • Arts Extension Service

  • Center for the Study of African American Language

  • Digital Humanities Laboratory

  • Interdepartmental Seminar in the Humanities and Fine Arts

  • Institute for Holocaust, Genocide and Memory Studies

  • Language Acquisition Research Center

  • Western Mass Writing Project

Dana Ritter - Chief Financial Manager

212 South College

Phone: 413-577-4425


























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