We Are.

The College of Humanities and Fine Arts (HFA) prepares students to be citizens in a rapidly changing world by challenging them to think creatively, express themselves well, and engage thoughtfully with others. Our students work closely with faculty mentors to explore human history, experience world cultures, create art, and master important fields of thought. Their ability to process, analyze, reflect, and bring their creative spirit to bear in shaping new realities will ensure that today's liberal arts students become tomorrow's leaders.

HFA celebrates the power of ideas, and advances the University’s mission to provide the highest-quality education by encouraging our faculty and students to pursue a broad range of projects of educational value and artistic merit. Superior faculty and talented students are the engine of a project-based curriculum that encourages campus and community engagement. As we educate dynamic, innovative problem-solvers, we ensure their contributions to the economic and cultural vitality of the Commonwealth and the nation.