Standards & Policies

College of Humanities & Fine Arts Identity Standards

The College's graphic system consists of a primary logo (the HFA crossbar monogram) and a wordmark (the words "College of Humanities & Fine Arts"). The wordmark and logo can be used together as a single element, or the logo may be used alone. See below for the identity specifications of different types of publications. HFA also provides logo variations for use on the department level, which include the HFA logo in lock up with both the HFA wordmark and a department wordmark.

The Official fonts for UMass Amherst are Minion Pro (serif) and Myriad Pro (san serif). Open Sans may be used as a substitute serif font on HFA and HFA department websites.

Note: Design services for printed materials provided or purchased outside University Printing and Mailing Services must comply with College and University identity standards.

Publications for External Audiences

Examples of external audiences: prospective undergraduate and graduate students, prospective faculty or staff members, alumni, legislators, the general public, and other friends of HFA.

Examples of external audience publications: posters, brochures, flyers, newsletters, season brochures. Both printed and electronic departmental newsletters are included.

Both 1) the UMass Amherst wordmark and 2) the HFA logo and wordmark must appear and be clearly visible on external audience publications. Department specific publications can use the HFA logo and wordmark in lock up with department name or may use the HFA logo and wordmark with the department name typeset elsewhere in the publication. Contact Sarah Gibbons for your department's logo lockup.

For UMass Amherst wordmark specifications, please refer to the University Relations Website.

Display Advertising

Display ads created for use in newspapers, magazines, and other printed media must include the HFA logo and wordmark (with or without department lockup) and the UMass Amherst wordmark.