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The Warring States Project is a center and international contact point for research on China's classical period (the 05th through 03rd centuries), the turbulent era which ended in 0221 with the military unification of the Chinese states. The Project's approach is based on the philological researches of Bruce and Taeko Brooks. Their methods are wholly general, and have been successfully applied to Greek and Sanskrit as well as Chinese texts; in these and other languages, they solve some long-standing philological problems in a consistent way. The redated Chinese texts yield a historically plausible account of China's formative centuries. They reveal the "Hundred Schools" dialogue actually taking place, and show, in greater detail than was previously available, the intellectual development leading up to the Chinese Empire.

These results make it necessary to reconsider traditional ideas about the Chinese classical period. That reconsideration enhances the value of classical China for comparative history, and sharpens its relevance to contemporary situations.



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