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University of Massachusetts Amherst



Dean's Welcome

As the creative heart of UMass Amherst, HFA brings together scholars and artists from a wide range of disciplines. The college offers exceptional opportunities for students to broaden their perspectives, apply their knowledge, and prepare to make contributions to their communities, to the workplace, and to the world. More...

Creative Economy

Research project that measured the economic impact of HFA and our alumni on the Pioneer Valley. More...

Academic Freedom

The College's official policy on academic and artistic freedom and community response.


HFA At a Glance


Facts and figures about the College of Humanities and Fine Arts, its alumni, and its impact on the Western Massachusetts economy:


• 3,060 undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled in the College.

• The College has 36 majors, 25 minors, and 19 post graduate degrees.

• The College employs 379 faculty and staff and has a budget of over $32 million.

• There are 4,500 alumni living in the Pioneer Valley who generate 1/4 billion dollars of economic activity in the each year and provide 20,000 days of volunteer service.

• 800 HFA alumni help lead the institutions that support the local Creative Economy.

• Over 35% of HFA alumni living in the Pioneer Valley live in Amherst, one of its bordering towns or Northampton.

• In a recent survey, 39% of HFA alumni indicated that they are arts and humanities teachers.

• 47% of HFA alumni indicated they donate to cultural organizations.

• 46% of HFA alumni consider themselves amateur writers or artists.

• HFA faculty have written over 200 books.

• HFA faculty have received over 200 awards and honors.

• HFA has 12 community outreach programs and offers hundreds of lectures, symposiums, workshops, and other opportunities for community involvement each year.