2017 Scholarship Recipients

We extend our congratulations and best wishes to the recipients of HFA Dean’s Office Scholarships in Spring 2017

College of Humanities and Fine Arts Achievement Award

  • Vishal S. Arvindam, Linguistics/Psychology
  • Maria R. Bandera, French &, Psychology
  • Jessica Dimmock, English & Theater
  • Astrid A. Esquilin Nieves, Linguistics & French
  • David G. Goldberg, Japanese & Linguistics
  • Brook R. Hansel, Spanish & History
  • Anna C. Hartmann, History & French
  • Alicia F. Mortenson. History & Economics
  • Eleora J. Pasternack, Middle Eastern Studies & Political Science
  • Mina E. Puig, Linguistics/Anthropology
  • Benjamin C. J. Quinn, English & Art History
  • Cecilia A. Schirmeister, French & Political Science
  • Emily A. Tiedtke, English & Legal Studies
  • Jane V. Viviano, Middle Eastern Studies
  • Eric Watterson, Art
  • Helen Woods, Theater & Education

HFA Community Scholarship

  • Jacqueline N. Cote, English
  • Nicholas D. Blaisdell, English
  • Sabine D. Jacques, African-American Studies
  • Kailee S. Kennedy, Spanish & Public Health

Ellsworth and Mary Barnard Scholarship

  • Adara M. North, English*

Luise Bronner Scholarship

  • Gabrielle Fiedor, Spanish & Political Science
  • Elma Joseph, Spanish & Microbiology*

Class of 1933 Scholarship

  • Alexandra L. Helliwell, Spanish & Pre-Med*
  • Lucy Martirosyan, French & Journalism*

Class of 1945 Merit Scholarship

  • Mary A. Lavery, Spanish & Public Health*
  • Class of 1976 Humanities Scholarship
  • Givan Carrero, Architecture

John and Donna Farrelly Scholarships

  • Frances M. Fleming, History, Classics*
  • Kendall R. Higgins, English*

French and Italian Fund for Academic Excellence

  • Alexander S. Atkinson-Santos, French & Linguistics/Spanish
  • Cecilia Schirmeister, French & Political Sciences

Henry and Jean Hall Humanities and Fine Arts Scholarship

  • Nargis Aslami; Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies*
  • Andrea A. Pulido; Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies & Communications*
  • David J. Zurawski, Jr., Philosophy & English*

Horizontes Scholarship

  • Alexandra L. Helliwell, Spanish & Pre-Med

Charles Mark Scholarship for Foreign Languages

  • Alec Fannin, German & Scandinavian Studies
  • Jonathan Jenner, Economics (graduate student)
  • Siobhan Mei, Comparative Literatures (graduate student)

Frank Prentice Rand Fund

  • Garrett W. Sager, Theater*
  • Jerry Ng, Theater

HFA Study Abroad Scholarship

  • Eden G. Bekele, Afro-American Studies
  • Brook R. Hansel, Spanish & History

Edward G. and Maureen Tracy-Venti Scholarship

  • Kara J. Westhoven, History*

*also a College of Humanities and Fine Arts Achievement Award recipient