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Florida Reef Resilience Program

The Florida Reef Resilience Program (FRRP) is a collaborative program between non-governmental organizations, state and federal agencies, academic institutions, and the people whose livelihoods and recreational pursuits depend upon healthy coral reefs. It brings these groups together to achieve a common goal of improving the collective understanding of the mechanisms of coral reef resilience by exploring the biological, environmental, and social aspects of reef health and by asking a fundamental question of society, “What is it that people want and need from coral reefs?” Ultimately the FRRP seeks to develop strategies to improve the health of Florida's reefs and enhance the sustainability of reef-dependent commercial enterprises and recreational activities.

spacerSCUBA Divers and Anglers: Social Considerations for Resilience Management in the Florida Keys








Project Information:
  • Location:
  • Florida Keys, FL
  • Date:
  • June 2006 - December 2008
  • Lead coordinator:
  • Christopher Hawkins & Laura Anderson
    Understanding Coral Reef Use: Snorkeling in the Florida Keys by Residents and Non- Residents
    Understanding Coral Reef Use: SCUBA Diving in the Florida Keys by Residents and Non- Residents
    Understanding Coral Reef Use: Recreational Fishing in the Florida Keys by Residents and Non-Residents






    Florida Pelican
    Pelican at Captain Michaels, Key Large, FL