1. Franklin County Biketrail: This regional trail exists as an educational tour of the cultural, ecological, and industrial history of Turners Falls along the Connecticut River. The portion of the trail between the Great Falls Discovery Center and the southern portion of Community Park serves as an anchor for an established biking link between Greenfield and Millers Falls.

2. The Great Falls Discovery Center at Turners Falls: The center stands as the major focal point for eco-tourism in Montague. Here tourists and locals alike can orient and inform themselves on trails, local and recreational activities, and site locations which benefit the character, history, and ecology of the town.

3. Turners Falls Fish Ladder: Northeast Utilities operates fish ladders along the Connecticut River to help migrating fish pass over its dams. Thousands of participants visit this portion of the river to watch the fish pass over the dam.

4. Community Park: The park is currently under the ownership of Northeast Utilities and is up for sale. The park includes parking for its participants, a picnic area, and access to the fish ladder and Unity Park via a linear section of open space.

5. Community Park Extended: This portion of the park includes parking and a trailhead for the Franklin County Bike Trail. The design supports a direct link from the Discovery Center to the waterfront in Turners Falls.

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