For Interested Students

The UMass fraternity and sorority system is the perfect way to make our large campus a little bit smaller. At times students may feel that it is difficult to find their niche at such a big school.

As a member of the fraternity and sorority system, not only can you make lasting friendships, but you will also have the opportunity to participate in nationally recognized leadership programs, philanthropic events, and much more. The  fraternity and sorority community offers many leadership opportunities, both within chapters, and the campus and community as a whole.

It is never too late….

Are you a transfer student? A sophomore who was too busy that first year to check out the fraternity and sorority system? Maybe you are an upperclass student who just realized that there was more to campus life than books and a campus job?

Whatever your circumstances, it is never too late to consider joining a fraternity or sorority chapter. Many people wait until their sophomore year, transfer students are looking for a quick way to connect to the campus, older students are looking for new opportunities - there are many good reasons to join a chapter, no matter what your class year or standing is. Many chapters recruit throughout the year, some chapters have minimal requirements easily met by older students, and membership is for a lifetime. Whatever the reason, you are always welcome to affiliate with the fraternity and sorority system - it is never too late!