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Multicultural Greek Council

The fraternity movement at the University is almost as old as the institution itself. Fraternity and sorority chapters are open to all matriculating students at the University. However, there are fraternities and sororities that specifically serve the needs and interests of specific multiculturally-based communities. These organizations are a part of a larger network of international fraternities and sororities that have collegiate and graduate chapters throughout the country and abroad. Affiliating with a Multicultural Greek Council fraternity or sorority presents the member with an opportunity to meet with other students of diverse backgrounds from this campus and other campuses as well as people from the greater community.

Every MGC fraternal organization has very strict requirements that must be met in order to affiliate (the intake process). In general, a student must successfully complete 12 academic credit hours, obtain a certain grade point average, complete an application packet, secure recommendations, and meet the financial obligations in order to complete the intake process. If you are a brand new student to the University, you will not be able to apply for membership until your second semester. If you are a transfer student, you will need a copy of your academic transcript from your previous institution, documenting your completion of 12 credit hours and your grade point average.

The governing councils of the MGC fraternity and sorority system sponsor an information session for all students in the fall. Representatives from each chapter are in attendance and available to discuss their organization with you. Additionally, each chapter will host an information session that will be open to all interested students. These sessions are advertised through the campus newspaper and through postings.


For more information on the Latino Fraternal Organizations, visit the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations which is an umbrella council for Latino Greek Letter Organizations.

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