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UMass Fraternities and the Interfraternity Council

The Interfraternity Council is the governing body of the fraternities that are affiliated with the North-American Interfraternity Conference and those local chapters that have membership on the council. Member chapters send two delegates, one usually being the chapter president, to council meetings. The council officers are elected from the membership of the council and serve in office for one calendar year. The IFC coordinates recruitment for the member chapters, sets standards, and facilitates relationships. The IFC cooperates with other councils to sponsor Greek Week, guest speakers, and other activities.

North-American Interfraternity Conference

The NIC serves the needs of its member fraternities through advocacy, collaboration, and education. Through the enrichment of the fraternity experience; advancement and growth of the fraternity community; and enhancement of the educational mission of the host institutions the NIC works to ensure that fraternities can operate in an environment conducive to their success.. The NIC is also committed to enhancing the benefits of fraternity membership. Today, the NIC has 75 member organizations with approximately 5,500 chapters located on 800+ campuses in the United States and Canada with approximately 350,000 undergraduate members. The NIC is led by a Board of Directors comprised of nine volunteers from member fraternities. The headquarters and professional staff are located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

UMass Fraternity Chapter Information

Alpha Delta Phi National Website
Alpha Epsilon Pi Chapter Website
Alpha Sigma Phi Chapter Website
Alpha Tau Gamma Chapter Website
Delta Chi Chapter Website
Zeta Beta Tau National Website
Theta Chi Chapter Website
Kappa Sigma Chapter Website
Lambda Phi Epsilon Chapter Website
Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) Chapter Website
Pi Kappa Phi Chapter Website
Sigma Alpha Mu National Website
Sigma Phi Epsilon Chapter Website
Tau Kappa Epsilon National Website
Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) Chapter Website
Phi Sigma Kappa Chapter Website

IFC Documents and Information

IFC Constitution and Bylaws
Statement of Fraternal Values and Ethics
Unrecognized Group Policy
FIPG Risk Management Policy

Interfraternity Council Officers

President: John Coakley

Vice President of Judicial Affairs:Trevor Pilkington

Vice President of Recruitment:Michael Sirico

Vice President of Finance:Samuel Lurie

Vice President of Scholarship:Kyle Swainamer

Vice President of Member Development:Anthony Vitone

Vice President of Community Relations:Mark Schmidt

Interfraternity Council Advisor

IFC Advisor: Michael Wiseman
Phone: 413-835-1629

IFC Fraternity Recruitment

The Interfraternity Council system has an open recruitment program. Each chapter sets its own time lines and schedule each semester, and some chapters recruit throughout the entire school year. There are no institution restrictions on membership in a chapter other than all members need to be in good standing with the University. IFC fraternities host information sessions and recruitment events at the beginning of each semester, and information can be found through social media sites and at For more information about IFC fraternity recruitment, contactMichael Sirico at

The NPHC and MGC have fraternity chapters which conduct recruitment and intake thrioughout the year. Information about these chapters can also be found on Campus Pulse and through social media. Phi Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity and Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity are open to all students.

IFC Meetings

The IFC holds business meetings on Thursdays starting at 7pm in the Campus Center (room TBA). Business attire required.

New Chapters

Congratulations to the newest chapters on the UMass Amherst campus, Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity, chartered Spring 2014; and Zeta Beta Tau, chartered November 8, 2014.