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Course Approvals

Guidelines for Course Approval Forms (Forms B & C)

For Courses Numbered 500-999

The following is a detailed checklist of requirements that must be submitted in support of any course to be approved by the Graduate Council.  This checklist is an addendum to Course Approval Forms B (courses numbered 500-599) and C (courses numbered 600-999) available online from the Faculty Senate.

  1. Is this course part of a program revision or a new program?  If yes, please indicate how this course fits into this program, including whether it is a core or elective course.
  2. Has this course been taught in another department before?  If yes, please indicate the reasons why the course has been moved, including information on changes between this and the previous course. If the course is cross-listed, what is the department and course number?
  3. Is there a possibility that a course similar to this one is available and taught in another school/college/department or campus?  If yes, please indicate the reasons why this new course is necessary.  Also, include documentation of consultation with other schools/colleges/departments on this matter.
  4. Would this course substitute for another course currently in the curriculum?  If yes, please indicate whether the original course will be discontinued.
  5. Would this course count for your own major?  If no, please indicate its function such as service to a particular population, etc.
  6. Is the proposed instructor a member of the graduate faculty?  If no, please explain why non-graduate faculty would teach this course.
  7. Within course submission, include the Syllabus, along with the following:
    • New course number
    • Course description specific to the new course
    • Clearly specified course objectives
    • Week-by-week outline of topics covered in the course with a brief description of each of these topics & assignments for the week
    • Readings associated with each of the topics in the outline
    • Description of required assignments -- guidelines for papers or projects
    • Grading policy and specific grading criteria associated with each of the required assignments (with % or points converted to letter grades)
    • Anticipated enrollment
    • Selected bibliography of works used in developing the course
    • Accomodation policy (stated below)

If the course has been offered as an experimental (seminar) course, also include:

  • Experimental (seminar) course syllabus
  • Teaching evaluations (Note:  Teaching evaluations are confidential and if included must be accompanied by a signed release from the instructor.)

Accommodation Policy Statement

Include this or a similar accommodation policy:

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is committed to providing an equal educational opportunity for all students.  If you have a documented physical, psychological, or learning disability on file with Disability Services (DS), Learning Disabilities Support Services (LDSS), or Psychological Disabilities Services (PDS), you may be eligible for reasonable academic accommodations to help you succeed in this course.  If you have a documented disability that requires an accommodation, please notify me within the first two weeks of the semester so that we may make appropriate arrangements.