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Policies and Forms

For Students

Forms for Graduate Students

This is a list of PDF checklists and required forms. Some programs (the College of Education, for example) require advisor approval before being reviewed by the Graduate Program Director.  Please check with the department if unsure what approval is required. 

Graduate Student Handbook

Academic policies, procedures and deadlines for enrollment, educational records and degree certification.

Graduate School Bulletin

An online, searchable version of the current Graduate School Bulletin.

Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Resources

The Graduate School is committed to promoting an environment that is free of discrimination and sexual violence. Please see this page for resources.

For Faculty & Staff

Accelerated Master's Degree Option

The Accelerated Master’s Degree Option is created to encourage undergraduate students with top academic records to remain at the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Amherst for a graduate degree. The Accelerated Master’s Degree Option is designed to enable graduate programs to identify potential candidates as early as the junior year of study by extending an “early” (conditional) offer of admission.

Certificate Program Guidelines

The areas of study for the graduate certificates are created within the mission of graduate education. Students will be awarded certificates upon completion of specific course work, approved by the Graduate Council. The graduate certificate is not defined as a degree by the Graduate School; rather, it is a focused collection of courses that, when completed, affords the student some record of distinct academic accomplishment in a given discipline or set of related disciplines.

Joint Authorship

The University’s policy on Joint Authorship provides guidance on assigning authorship in research publications. Faculty who supervise graduate student research should be familiar with the policy—a summary and link to the policy may be found here.

Course Approvals

Follow this link to a detailed checklist of requirements that must be submitted in support of any course to be approved by the Graduate Council.  This checklist is an addendum to Course Approval Forms B (courses numbered 500-599) and C (courses numbered 600-999) available online from the Faculty Senate.

Fellowship Guidelines

Graduate School fellowship funds are allocated to the schools and colleges under a matching agreement between the Dean of the Graduate School and the academic dean. If you have specific questions about these guidelines, please contact the Office of the Graduate Dean.

Graduate Appointments Policies and Procedures

This document incorporates policies and procedures established by the University Trustees, campus administration, and those set forth in the negotiated collective bargaining agreement between the University and the Graduate Employee Organization (GEO). These supersede previous procedures and guidelines as well as previous policies on these matters.

Non-Working Fellowships and Traineeships

Travel Grants

The Graduate School provides funding to support graduate student travel for presentations at conferences, professional meetings and exhibitions. Administration of the program has been revamped: each program receives a block grant based on enrollment, and Graduate Program Directors are in charge of distributing the funds. More information is available here.