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Scheduled Orientations

Fall 2014 Mandatory HR Orientation Sessions

Human Resources and the Graduate School conduct new graduate student employee orientation sessions each fall and spring. These orientations are mandatory as all the necessary paperwork required of new graduate student employees, including the I-9, W-2, direct deposit and Participation Agreement are filled out and/or submitted during these sessions.  Students are required to attend one of the following sessions.

When                                     Time              Where

Thursday, August 7               1:00pm        Bartlett 65

Friday, August 8                    9:30am        Bartlett 65

Tuesday, August 19               1:00pm       Bartlett 65

Wednesday, August 20          9:30am       Bartlett 65

Thursday, August 21             1:00pm        Bartlett 65-NEW International
                                                                    Grad Employees

Monday, August 25               1:00pm        Bartlett 65

Tuesday, August 26               3:15pm       Berkshire Dining Commons

Wednesday, August 27          1:00pm       Bartlett 65

Thursday, August 28             8:30am        Mahar Aud-NEW International
                                                                    Grad Employees

Friday, August 29                  1:00pm        Bartlett 65


The forms that new graduate student employees must complete and submit at the orientation are available on the Human Resources website. Please encourage new graduate student employees to access and complete these forms in advance of the orientation and remind them of the necessity of bringing I-9 documentation to the meeting.