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Human Resources Information

Establishing and Maintaining Employment at UMass

Required Steps

All UMass employees must complete the appropriate personnel and payroll forms to formalize their University employment and receive a paycheck.

If you are a new graduate student employee, returning graduate student employee who has not worked at the University for a year or more, or a graduate student employee whose work authorization has expired,  please follow the steps outlined below to ensure the timely processing of your appointment.

1.   Please complete the I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification Form) and return it to UMass Human Resources as soon as possible. This process may be completed in several different ways.

In Person 

Students living on or near campus should simply stop by UMass Amherst Human Resources with their original, unexpired I-9 supporting documents (including a printed copy of their most recent I-94). Students currently living outside the United States--including international students--should bring the above documents to Human Resources immediately upon their arrival on or near campus. Human Resources is located in Room 325 of the Whitmore Administration Building, and students may deliver their forms during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm.

Via Notary Public

Students living off-campus but in the United States may complete the I-o submission through a notary public 

·         Off-campus but in the United States:

There are two options for completing the I-9 off campus:


o   With a notary public:

·       Bring your original, unexpired I-9 supporting documentsto a notary public. 

·       Complete section 1 of the form in the presence of the notary, and ask the notary to complete Section 2 of the form. 

o   With a member of the CUPA I-9 Consortium: Bring your original, unexpired I-9 supporting documents(including a printed copy of your most recent I-94) to the HR office of aparticipating college or universitynear your current residence.  


In both casesattach copies of your I-9 supporting documents and mail the completed form and attachments to us at the address below.

2.      Payroll Documents

Please complete each of the forms listed below and mail them, along with your completed I-9, to:


University of Massachusetts Amherst

181 Presidents’ Drive

325 Whitmore Administration Building

Amherst, MA 01003

Attn: Graduate Student/Human Resources


You also may complete them in person at HR (181 President’s Drive, room 325 Whitmore Administration Building, Amherst MA – open M-F, 8:30am-5:00pm.


Required forms:


                                                         i.          New Employee Checklist– this references many key University policies, laws and employment requirements;

                                                       ii.          Personal Data Sheet;

                                                      iii.          Massachusetts (M-4) and Federal (W-4) tax withholding forms(both forms are required);

                                                     iv.          International Tax Information Sheet– required to determine if you meet United States permanent residency requirements

                                                        v.          Direct Deposit form;

                                                     vi.          Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security

Additional information regarding the completion of these forms may be found here.  If you have questions or require assistance with any aspect of this process, please contact Kelly Pleasant (, Dorothy Shimel ( or Kristen Moriarty (

The forms that new graduate student employees must complete and submit at the orientation are available here. Please encourage new graduate student employees to access and complete these forms in advance of the orientation.

Students must provide Proof of Identity & Eligibility to Work (I-9) documentation. Employees cannot be paid by the University until they've submitted appropriate documents and had the I-9 form completed and approved by Human Resources. In accordance with the Immigration Reform and Control Action of 1986, the University must complete and retain an I-9 form for every person hired and paid on the University payroll. The federal law requires that you provide us with certain documents at the time of hire that will establish your identity and employment eligibility. Photocopies taken of these documents will be used to complete the I-9 form and are kept in your official personnel file. For a list of Acceptable Documents for the I-9 Form click here. 

New INTERNATIONAL graduate student employees who are on campus the last two weeks of August are required to attend one of the scheduled orientations. In collaboration with IPO, new international graduate student employees who are unable to attend one of the scheduled orientations will be able to fill out HR’s required paperwork at IPO’s orientation for all new international students. Departments: Please know when your new international students are arriving on campus and inform them of the mandatory orientations that are relevant to their arrival date. Be sure to advise them regarding the documents they must bring to the meeting:

  • Visa
  • Unexpired passport with I-94 card
  • I-20 or DS-2019
  • Social Security card (if they have one)
  • List of dates of entry to & exit from the US
  • Voided check if direct deposit of pay into a checking account is desired

New DOMESTIC (U.S. Citizen and Resident) graduate student employees are required to attend one of the scheduled orientations. Departments with new domestic graduate student employees for whom it would be a hardship to attend one of the scheduled orientations must contact the Graduate School (545-5294) in order to make alternate arrangements. An example of a hardship is a new graduate student employee flying to campus from his/her home which is out-of-state and will only arrive on campus when the residence halls open. Departments: Please know which of the above listed orientations your new domestic graduate student employee will attend or if an alternative orientation needs to be scheduled. Be sure to advise them regarding the documents they must bring to the meeting:

  • U.S. Passport, drivers license or University picture ID
  • Social Security card or U.S. birth certificate
  • Voided check if direct deposit of pay into a checking account is desired