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Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fee Change
Tuition and fees are subject to change and may be changed without prior notice.

Application Fee
A nonrefundable application fee of $40 for U.S. citizens and permanent residents or $65 for international applicants must be submitted with each application.

Graduate students pay tuition at the following (Fall 2009 rates: residents of Massachusetts — $110 per credit hour up to $1,320 per semester; “regional students” — $192.50 per credit hour up to $2,310 per semester; nonresidents — $414 per credit hour up to $4,969 per semester.

In order to enroll as a Massachusetts resident for tuition and fee purposes, a student must have on file a Residency Statement. Students originally classified as nonresident who believe they have met the residency requirements may appeal their classification before the beginning of the semester. Forms are available from the Graduate School.

The Summer Session tuition charges and fees are stated in the Summer Session course listing.

Estimated Annual Tuition and Fee Expenses for 2009-10 (12 credits)

Massachusetts Residents
Tuition $ 2,640
Required Fees 8,286
Total $ 10,926

Tuition $ 9,937
Required Fees 11,491
Total $ 21,428

Tuition and fees are calculated on an annual basis for a graduate student carrying 12 credits per semester. Tuition and fees are prorated for fewer than 12 credits. Graduate Assistants with a Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) tuition waiver pay annually about $1,350 in mandatory fees.

Continuing & Professional Education Charges
Graduate students enrolling in programs or courses offered though the Division of Continuing & Professional Education’s winter and summer sessions pay CPE fees rather than the tuition and fees described here. For an up-to-date list of CPE programs and charges check

Service Fee
The Service Fee provides students access to Fine Arts Council events, reduced ticket prices, and the transit system. It covers all bond issue debt service obligations of the University of Massachusetts Building Authority for Amherst campus facilities and projects.

Graduate Matriculation Fee
The Matriculation Fee replaces the former commencement and career services fees and provides the following services: lifetime free graduate transcripts, thesis or dissertation binding for the library, and student identification card (UCard). This nonrefundable fee is paid each time a student matriculates in a graduate degree program—on-campus, off-campus and graduate programs enrolled through the Division of Continuing and Professional Education. Non-degree students are not assessed this fee.

Health Services Fee and Student Health Insurance
A mandatory Student Health Fee is included in the tuition bills of all students taking five or more credits per semester. Enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is required under state law for all students who are registered for five or more credits unless the student has acceptable comparable coverage. Additional information is available in the University Health Services section of the Bulletin. The Student Health Fee is not waivable. In certain instances, the SHIP is waivable. The deadline to apply for a waiver of the SHIP is the end of the Add/Drop period.

Graduate Student Senate Fee
This fee supports graduate student government and various agencies providing services and activites for graduate students.

Curriculum Support Fee
The fee supports the educational and general mission of the campus, allowing it to remain a comprehensive university offering a wide variety of programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Off-Campus Fee
Students completing their thesis, dissertation, or internship at an “off-campus” site may be eligible for a reduction of the General Fee. Contact the Graduate Records Office for a form and more information.

Late Payment Fee
Any student who does not make payment of his or her semester charges by the date specified may be required to pay a Late Payment Fee of $50.

Continuous Enrollment Fee
Graduate students not enrolled for any course credits but who are candidates for a degree, must pay a fee each semester (excluding summer terms) for continuous registration until the degree for which the student has been accepted has been formally awarded. Deadline for enrollment under this option is the end of the add/drop period. Any student who does not register for the Continuous Enrollment course by the appropriate deadline and later seeks readmission or applies for graduation, shall pay the accumulated continuation fees plus a readmission fee of $125. Students seeking readmission must file a written request, endorsed by the appropriate Department Head or Graduate Program Director, with the Graduate Dean.

Student Finances
Students should arrive on campus with enough cash on hand to pay their tuition, fees, and insurance bills as well as room and board for at least one month after registration. (Students receiving financial assistance from or through the University will not receive their first checks for approximately three to four weeks after registration.)

Waivers of Tuition
(Tuition waivers do not apply to courses given through the Division of Continuing and Professional Education.)

Graduate Assistants and Fellowship Recipients
Tuition and curriculum fees are waived during the academic semester for graduate teaching and research assistants and associates and for fellowship recipients, provided that the formal service assignment pays not less than one-half of the full-time teaching assistant stipend.

Full-Time University Faculty and Staff Members
See section titled Admission of Faculty and Staff Members to Graduate Study.

Other Employees of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Full-time employees of the Commonwealth who have completed at least six months of service at the time of enrollment and who are covered by a collective bargaining agreement or a tuition remission personnel policy are eligible for a full tuition waiver, but not fees. Forms are available from the Graduate Admissions Office.

Spouses and Dependent Children of University Employees
Spouses and/or dependent children of full-time university employees are eligible for full tuition waivers. Further details such as definitions of spouse, dependent children, and full-time status should be referred to the University Human Resources Office.

Senior Citizens
Beginning with fall 2005, all entering senior citizens (Massachusetts residents 60 years of age or older), shall be granted a waiver of tuition for graduate courses offered by the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Individuals receiving this categorical tuition waiver will be responsible for payment of all other associated fees and charges in conjunction with their enrollment including, but not limited to, Continuing Education course fees.

National Guard Tuition Exemption
Tuition exemptions for members of the Massachusetts National Guard have been authorized by the Massachusetts state legislature. The National Guard, Air or Army, must certify in writing that the individual concerned is a member in good standing in the Guard. In order to enable this exemption, such certification must be made each semester and presented to the Bursar’s Office.

International Students
A limited number of tuition waivers are available on a competitive basis for foreign students enrolled in degree programs. For further information contact the Foreign Students and Scholars Office.

Tuition and Fee Refunds
A student who leaves the university for any reason before a semester is completed, except as specified below, will be granted a pro rata refund of tuition and fees that applies for the first five weeks of the semester only. A student who makes an advance payment and then for any reason does not attend any part of the next semester or term at the university will be given full refund of tuition and fees. If academic credit is given, there will be no refund.
Refunds are first applied to reimburse scholarships or loan funds (up to the full amount), and any remaining amount is refunded to the student.

Refund Schedule

Regular Term
a. Within the first two weeks from the beginning of semester or term — 80%
b. During the third week — 60%
c. During the fourth week — 40%
d. During the fifth week — 20%
e. After the fifth week — no refund

This refund schedule does not apply to courses offered through the Division of Continuing & Professional Education.

Room Rent
The average room rent charge in University residence halls for graduate students is $2,310 per semester, and there is an additional surcharge for a single room, if such space is available.

Room Rent Refunds
Room rent refunds are granted less any applicable room reservation prepayments or cancellation fees. (These amounts are subject to change on a pro rata basis which applies for the first five weeks of the semester, according to Trustee policy.) No rent refunds are granted after five weeks.

University Food Services, tel. (413) 545-2472, offers menus with a wide selection of food at each meal. These menus, prepared by a registered dietitian, are based on sound nutritional patterns, on actual surveys of student food preferences, and on verbal and written comments from students and staff members.

The 2008-09 schedule for board costs per semester is:
Value Plan: 224 meals per semester; $1,795
Unlimited Plan: unlimited meals per semester; $ 2,090

Food service is available on weekends for those on the Unlimited and Value plans or may be purchased individually on a cash basis. Kosher dinners are available Monday through Friday in Hampden Dining Hall for a $200 additional charge per semester to any meal plan.

Board Refunds
Authorized refunds will be made on a pro rata basis. A student who is suspended or expelled from the university for disciplinary reasons forfeits all rights to a refund.