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Theater Courses

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All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise specified.

620 Theater in Society
The study of theatrical performance—text, acting, performance space, elements of spectacle, audience—in relation to changing social, economic, political, and aesthetic movements. Explores the widest possible range of theatrical conventions available to the theater artist. Focus on research techniques.

650 Acting Theory
Reading and practical research in the major theoretical treatises on the art of acting.

651 Directing Theory
Reading and practical research on the major theoretical treatises on the art of directing.

680 Group Studio
Approaches to collaboration in theater and other disciplines studied and explored through reading, discussion, and exercises in practical application. Graduate designers, directors, and dramaturgs encouraged to develop a shared understanding of collaborative processes and a common vocabulary of collaborative experiences to expand their understanding of the theatrical mode of production.

696-796 Independent Study
Independent projects by special contract. Credit, 1-6.

697-797 Special Topics
Reading and research in selected topics in dramaturgy, performance, and scenography. Examples include: World Drama: Contemporary Movements; Race and the American Theater; Dramaturgy in Action: Towards an Inclusive Theater. Credit, 1-3.

728 Playwriting Workshop
Tutorial scripting, individually arranged, primarily for degree students concentrating in playwriting. Disciplined writing in private; regular critical consultation with the major professor in playwriting; rehearsal, analysis, and performance of the playwright’s original material in studio projects, and with faculty directors. Credit, 3-6.

729 Dramaturgy Workshop
Individually planned projects in production research and analysis. Credit, 3-6.

730 Textual Analysis
Seminar. The close reading of dramatic texts for contemporary production. Focus on finding original answers to directorial, design, and dramaturgical questions. Dramatic texts selected from a broad spectrum of world repertory.

750 Directing Studio
Problems in play direction. Work chosen and closely supervised by the performance faculty and presented in a production format determined by the student’s current needs and abilities and demands on the department’s performance facilities. Credit, 1-6.

760 Scenic Design Studio
A working studio in which scenic design students and faculty take on specific responsibilities for departmental productions. Depending on the needs and competence of the individual student, the work may include researching, conceptualizing, drafting, and designing all ongoing productions. Special attention to portfolio development. Credit, 3-6.

761 Lighting Design Studio
Tutorial projects in design theory and conceptualization and the solving of related technical problems. Over a three-year period, the course covers lighting technology, technical and artistic problem solving, graphics, research, critical and analytical skills, visual light lab projects, and portfolio development. Design, assistant design, and technical assignments on Department of Theater productions.

762 Costume Design Studio
Design and technical assignments on Department of Theater productions and varied tutorial projects in design and related technical problem-solving. May include research techniques, conceptualization, the study of characterization, elements of design, rendering techniques, draping, tailoring, make-up, and portfolio development.

769 Scenography Workshop
Special projects in concentrated periods of time on advanced topics in crafts of scenography such as scenic painting, furniture design and construction, make-up, use of plastics, millinery and wig construction, cobblery, electronic control systems and their maintenance. Credit, 3-6.

799 M.F.A. Project
Culminating creative project in the degree program. Prerequisite: degree candidacy. Credit, 1-10.