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Sociology Faculty

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Graduate Faculty

Donald Tomaskovic-Devey, Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology, B.A., Fordham, 1979; Ph.D., Boston University, 1984.

Sanjiv Gupta, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director, B.A., Brandeis, 1989; M.S., Michigan at Ann Arbor, 1992; Ph.D., 1999.

Douglas L. Anderton, Professor, B.S., Utah, 1973; M.S., 1975; Ph.D., 1983.

Enobong A. Branch, Assistant Porfessor, B.S., Howard, 2002; Ph.D., New York at Albany, 2007.

Michelle J. Budig, Associate Professor, B.A., Augsburg College, 1993; M.A., Arizona, 1996; Ph.D., 2001.

Dan Clawson, Professor, B.A., Washington University, 1970; M.A., New York at Stony Brook, 1975; Ph.D., 1978.

David A. Cort, Assistant Professor, B.A., Oakwood College, 1999; M.A., George Washington, 2001; Ph.D., California at Los Angeles, 2007.

Emily Erikson, Assistant Professor, B.A., California at Berkeley, 1996; M.A., Columbia, 2002; Ph.D., 2006.

Robert R. Faulkner, Professor, B.A., California at Los Angeles, 1963; M.A., 1965; Ph.D., 1968.

Naomi Gerstel, Professor, B.A., New York University, 1970; M.A., Columbia, 1974; Ph.D., 1978.

Janice M. Irvine, Professor, B.A., Pennsylvania State, 1973; Ph.D., Brandeis, 1984.

Dan Lainer-Vos, Assistant Professor, B.A., Ben Gurion, Israel, 2000; Ph.D., Columbia, 2008.

Agustin Lao-Montes, Assistant Professor, B.A., Catholic University of Puerto Rico, 1976; M.A., New York at Binghamton, 1997; Ph.D., 2002.

Jennifer Lundquist, Assistant Professor, B.A., Washington and Lee University, 1995; A.M., Pennsylvania, 2000; Ph.D., 2004.

Joya Misra, Associate Professor, B.A., Centenary College, 1988; M.A., Emory, 1991; Ph.D., 1994.

Andrew V. Papachristos, Assistant Professor, B.A., Loyola of Chicago, 1998; M.A., 2001; Ph.D., 2007.

Gerald M. Platt, Professor, B.A., Brooklyn College, 1955; M.A., 1957; Ph.D., California at Los Angeles, 1964.

Wenona Rymond-Richmond, Assistant Professor, B.A., California at Berkeley, 1996; M.A., Chicago, 1999; Ph.D., Northwestern, 2007.

Amy Schalet, Assistant Professor, B.A., Harvard, 1992; Ph.D., California at Berkeley, 2003.

Richard C. Tessler, Professor, B.A., Wisconsin, 1968; M.S., 1970; Ph.D., 1972.

Millicent S. Thayer, Assistant Professor, B.A., Antioch, 1974; M.A.T., Reed, 1978; M.A., California at Berkeley, 1993; Ph.D., 2002.

Melissa E. Wooten, Assistant Professor, B.A., Kettering, 1999; Ph.D., Michigan, 2006.

Robert Zussman, Professor, B.A., Columbia, 1970; Ph.D., 1982.