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Master of Science/Master of Public Health Dual Degree Program—Online

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The M.S./M.P.H. program is now closed to all but currently admitted and matriculated students. Those interested in an advanced degree in public health and nursing should consult the Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.) in Public Health Nursing Leadership degree program in the Nursing section of this Bulletin or contact Karen Ayotte, tel. (413) 545-1302.

Core and Required Courses

PUBHLTH 540 Introductory Biostatistics

PUBHLTH 630 Principles of Epidemiology

PUBHLTH 601 Application of Social and Behavioral Theories in Public Health Interventions

PUBHLTH 620 Introduction to the U.S. Health Care System

PUBHLTH 624 Research Methods in Public Health

PUBHLTH 565 Environmental Health Practices

PUBHLTH 525 Ethical Issues in Public Health

Theoretical framework of ethics as applied to the health field with emphasis on biomedical areas. Seminar format with active participation of students.

PUBHLTH 690L Leadership in Public Health Systems
The couse and field work focuses on leadership theory, development, and competencies of contemporary public health leaders. The application of the leadership role to health policy.

PUBHLTH 691S PHP Capstone Experience
Evidence-based practice project in final semester provides an opportunity to study a selected practical and current public health problem. Students apply critical thinking, analytic abilities, and communication skills that integrate the core academic areas of biostatistics, epidemiology, health education, health policy, and environmental health. The resulting report acts as the official written comprehensive examination. The fulfillment of the culminating experience requirement is expected to meet specific publishing guidelines. Graded on a pass/fail basis.

PUBHLTH 698 Practicum
Opportunity for supervised field observation to gain practice experience in selected public health agencies.

PUBHLTH 780 Public Health Law
Constitutional and social bases for public health law. Development of statutes and regulations and their effects on social problems, including review of court decisions and preparation of administrative regulations.

Elective Courses (choose 1 course)

PUBHLTH 524 Introduction to Health Politics and Policy

PUBHLTH 567 Environmental Regulation and Compliance

PUBHLTH 580 Comparative Health Care Systems

PUBHLTH 621 Health Care Organization and Administration

PUBHLTH 628 Financial Management of Health Institutions

PUBHLTH 671 Risk Assessment and Management

PUBHLTH 704 Health Program Planning

PUBHLTH 726 Health Economics and Reimbursement

PUBHLTH 750 Public Health Emergency Management

Provides an operational overview of public health management in preparing for and responding to disasters, which, by definition, cannot be effectively managed by the application of routine procedures or resources. Provides needed guidance in a variety of newly defined and emerging areas for the field of public health.

PUBHLTH 753 Current Topics in Public Health Practice
Ecological approaches frame how prevention, control, health promotion, protection, and emergency measures protect the public’s health. Topics include health disparity, cultural competence, geonomics, workforce planning, credentialing, and media communication.

PUBHLTH 757 Public Health Informatics
Informatics content applicable to administrative and clinical systems used in public health. Analyzes the application of information science and technology to public health practice.

PUBHLTH 790A The Relationship Between Health and Religion and Spirituality
Research-based study of the influence of religion and spirituality on health, limitations and controversies, and applications to public health practice.