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Environmental Health Sciences Master's Degree Program

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Master of Public Health Degree Program

Applicants for the M.P.H. degree program must have earned an advanced degree in a health-related area or have at least two years’ postbaccalaureate experience directly relevant to the academic program.

This program offers experienced health workers an opportunity to complete a course of study that leads to a terminal professional degree. Working health professionals enhance skills, broaden their perspective of environmental health problems, and prepare to assume greater professional responsibility.

Candidates for the M.P.H. degree may enroll either full time, in which case they should be able to complete degree requirements in three to four semesters plus an intervening summer, or part time, in which case they are expected to complete degree requirements within three years of matriculation.

The program prepares students with prior undergraduate/graduate education to be leaders, with technical knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to assume expanded roles in evaluating and regulating environmental exposures to humans. The program provides the Environmental Health Science core course for all public health majors and specialty courses for graduate students majoring in general environmental health. Environmental Health courses are also available to graduate students majoring in Engineering, Health Sciences, and Natural Sciences.

The M.P.H. degree program provides graduate education for practicing professionals with relevant environmental-health experience. The total number of credits required for graduation is 42, 15 of which must be earned in Public Health core courses (PUBHLTH 540, 565, 601, 620, 630), 21 credits in Environmental Health Science courses and other electives, 3 credits for the practicum, and 3 credits for the culminating experience (M.P.H. project or comprehensive exam).

All M.P.H. students are required to complete a practicum.

Master of Science Degree Program

The M.S. degree program introduces candidates to the analysis of problems in environmental health sciences and generates skills in important areas of environmental health sciences. Important among these skills is competence in basic research methodology. Graduates should appreciate the interaction of technical, social, economic, and political determinants of environmental health problems and the way these factors influence the development of changes in environmental quality.

The M.S. degree program provides a sound methodological preparation for working in a research setting or for pursuing an advanced academic degree. M.S. degree students usually spend two years in residence to complete a minimum of 42 credits.

Accelerated M.S. Degree
An Accelerated Master of Science degree option is available to students who graduate with a B.S. degree from the Environmental Sciences major in the University’s College of Natural Resources and the Environment, or with a B.S. degree from the School of Public Health and Health Sciences with a major in the Science track of Public Health. This option may be completed within one academic year and an intervening summer, assuming that students have completed 30 credits in the Environmental Health Option in the Environmental Major, in the College of Natural Resources and the Environment. Students with the aid of their adviser start their Environmental Health program at the beginning of their senior year. Students on this track must complete a minimum of 30 credits, produce a thesis, and pass a comprehensive examination as a culminating experience.

For further information on graduate degree programs contact: Environmental Health Sciences, Morrill I, 639 North Pleasant Street, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003-9298; tel. (413) 545-2288.