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Polymer Science and Engineering Doctoral Degree Requirements

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Admission Requirements
1. A B.S. or B.A. in chemistry, physics, engineering, materials science, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering or related field.
2. Undergraduate coursework in the following: organic chemistry, physical chemistry, physics, mathematics (preferably through ordinary differential equations). Laboratory experience in chemistry. Courses in at least three of the following: solid state or condensed matter physics, mechanics of materials, materials science and engineering, statistical thermodynamics, analytical chemistry, polymer science and engineering.

General Information
The Ph.D. program in Polymer Science and Engineering is highly interdisciplinary, providing a broad-based and fundamental introduction to all the major polymer subfields. Although many students enter the program with previous polymer experience, either academic or industrial, a polymer background is not required. Flexibility in the curriculum, particularly in the second and later semesters, allows students to undertake basic coursework in related disciplines (chemistry, biochemistry, physics, or engineering) and/or more specialized coursework in polymers. The core courses, normally taken in the first two semesters, are designed to provide students with sufficient fundamental knowledge to competently conduct their thesis research and then to accept either an academic or industrial position in the polymer field; these courses also cover many of the topics tested on the comprehensive examinations.

Suggested Program
Undergraduate courses under 2, above. Core courses as follows (3 credits each): 602 Polymer Characterization Laboratory; 603 Polymer Synthesis Laboratory; 604 Introduction to Polymer Engineering; 607 Introduction to Synthetic Polymer Chemistry; 608 Physical Chemistry of Polymers I; 721 Polymer Morphology; 760 Organic Polymerization Reactions; 789 Physical Chemistry of Polymers II; 797X Advanced Polymer Engineering. Polymer Science and Engineering and outside electives (1-5 credits each, to total 10-20 credits); 891 Polymer Science and Engineering Seminar (1 credit each semester); 786 Research Proposal (1 credit); comprehensive examinations as approved by the department and required by the Graduate School; 899 Dissertation (18 credits).