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Political Science Faculty

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Graduate Faculty

John A. Hird, Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science, B.A., Dickinson, 1980; M.A., Virginia, 1982; Ph.D., California at Berkeley, 1988.

Srirupa Roy, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director, B.A., Dartmouth, 1992; Ph.D., Pennsylvania, 2000.

Amel F. Ahmed, Assistant Professor, B.A., Dartmouth, 1996; Ph.D., Pennsylvania, 2006.

Roberto Alejandro Rivera, Professor, B.A., University of Puerto Rico, 1977; M.A., Princeton, 1986; Ph.D., 1989.

Sonia Alvarez, Professor, A.B., Smith, 1978; M.A., Yale, 1979; M.Phil., 1980; Ph.D., 1996.

Ivan Ascher, Assistant Professor, A.B., Brown, 1993; M.A., California at Berkeley, 1997; Ph.D., 2007.

Maryann Barakso, Assistant Professor, B.A., Barnard, 1990; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2001.

Angelica Bernal, Assistant Professor, B.A., Wellesley, 1998; Ph.D.,Yale, 2008.

John Brigham, Professor, B.A., California at Berkeley, 1967; M.A., Wisconsin, 1970; Ph.D., California at Santa Barbara, 1974.

Brenda Bushouse, Assistant Professor, B.A., Kalamazoo, 1988; M.P.A., Syracuse, 1992; Ph.D., Indiana, 1998.

Charli Carpenter, Assistant Professor, B.A., New Mexico State, 1996; M.A., 1998; Ph.D., Oregon, 2003.

Barbara R. Cruikshank, Associate Professor, B.A., California at Berkeley, 1984; Ph.D., Minnesota, 1993.

Carlene J. Edie, Professor, B.A., California at Los Angeles, 1977; M.A., 1979; Ph.D., 1984.

Eric S. Einhorn, Professor, B.A., Pennsylvania, 1965; M.A., Harvard, 1968; Ph.D., 1972.

Jane Fountain, Professor, B.Mus., Boston Conservatory, 1977; Ed.M., Harvard, 1982; M.A., Yale, 1986; M.Phil, 1988; Ph.D., 1990.

Sheldon Goldman, Professor, B.A., New York University, 1961; M.A., Harvard, 1964; Ph.D., 1965.

Peter M. Haas, Professor, B.A., Michigan, 1977; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1986.

Raymond LaRaja, Assistant Professor, A.B., Harvard, 1987; M.P.P., 1992; Ph.D., California at Berkeley, 2001.

Rahsaan Maxwell, Assistant Professor, B.A., Pennsylvania, 1998; M.A., California at Berkeley, 2002; Ph.D., 2008.

Tatishe M. Nteta, Assistant Professor, B.A., Maryland, 1998; M.A., California at Berkeley, 2000; Ph.D., 2006.

M.J. Peterson, Professor, B.A., Upsala, 1971; M.A., Columbia, 1973; Ph.D., 1976.

Jesse Rhodes, Assistant Professor, B.A., Juniata, 2003; M.A., Virginia, 2005; Ph.D., 2008.

Dean Robinson, Associate Professor, A.B., Stanford, 1988; M.A., Yale, 1991; Ph.D., 1995.

Frederic Schaffer, Assistant Professor, B.A., Bucknell, 1984; Ph.D., California at Berkeley, 1994.

Brian Schaffner, Assistant Professor, B.A., Georgia, 1997; Ph.D., Indiana, 2002.

Jillian M. Schwedler, Associate Professor, B.A., New York University, 1988; M.A., 1992; Ph.D., 2000.

Stuart Shulman, Assistant Professor, B.A., Boston University, 1989; Ph.D., Oregon, 1999.

Stephen B. Watts, Assistant Professor, B.A., William and Mary, 1993; M.A., Georgetown, 1998; Ph.D., Cornell, 2006.

Nicholas Xenos, Professor, B.A., New York University, 1972; M.A., Michigan, 1974; Ph.D., Princeton, 1984.