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Plant Biology Courses

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Program-related Courses

BIOCHEM 623 Advanced General Biochemistry
BIOLOGY 510 Plant Physiology
BIOLOGY 514 Population Genetics
BIOLOGY 559 Cellular and Molecular Biology II
BIOLOGY 574 Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton
BIOLOGY 597 Plant Genomes and Genetic Systems
BIOLOGY 621 Topics in Plant Ecology
BIOLOGY 697C Plant Cell Biology
ENTOMOL 572 Forest and Shade Tree Entomology
ENTOMOL 581 Integrated Pest Management
ENTOMOL 655 Systematic Entomology
FOREST 604 Forest Stand Dynamics
FOREST 703 Advanced Forest Ecology
MOLCLBIO 641 Advanced Cellular Biology
MOLCLBIO 642 Advanced Molecular Biology
MICROBIO 565 Laboratory in Molecular Genetics
MICROBIO 585 Concepts in Molecular Genetics
MICROBIO 680 Advanced Microbial Physiology
MICROBIO 690K Bioinformatics Lab
PLNTSOIL 530 Plant Nutrition
PLNTSOIL 535 Diagnostic Plant Pathology
PLNTSOIL 540 Plant Breeding
PLNTSOIL 545 Postharvest Physiology
PLNTSOIL 550 Plant Growth Regulators in Agriculture
PLNTSOIL 555 Urban Environment and Plant Growth
PLNTSOIL 597A Phyto/Bioremediation
PLNTSOIL 597G Plant Biotechnology
PLNTSOIL 661 Intermediate Biometry