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Physics Faculty

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Graduate Faculty

Donald Candela, Professor and Head of the Department of Physics, B.A., Harvard, 1978; Ph.D., 1983.

Krishna S. Kumar, Professor and Graduate Program Director, M.S., Indian Institute of Technology, 1984; Ph.D., Syracuse, 1990.

Marc Achermann, Assistant Professor, M.S., ETH Zurich, 1998; Ph.D., 2001.

Egor Babaev, Assistant Professor, B.S., A.F. Ioffe Physical and Technical Institute, Russia, 1997; Ph.D., Uppsala, Sweden, 2001.

Guy Blaylock, Associate Professor, B.S., Grinnell, 1978; M.S., Illinois, 1980; Ph.D., 1986.

Benjamin P. Brau, Assistant Professor, B.A., Reed, 1994; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2002.

Laura Cadonati, Assistant Professor, Laurea in Physics, Milan, Italy, 1995; M.A., Princeton, 1998; Ph.D., 2001.

Carlo J. Dallapiccola, Associate Professor, B.S., Colorado, 1988; Ph.D., 1993.

Benjamin Davidovitch, Assistant Professor, B.S., Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1993; M.S., 1996; Ph.D., The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, 2001.

Anthony D. Dinsmore, Associate Professor, B.S., Yale, 1992; Ph.D., Pennsylvania, 1997.

John F. Donoghue, Professor, B.S., Notre Dame, 1972; Ph.D., Massachusetts, 1976.

John F. Dubach, Professor, Chief Information Officer and Special Assistant to the Chancellor, B.S., Santa Clara, 1971; M.S., Stanford, 1973; Ph.D., 1975.

Lori S. Goldner, Professor, A.B., Cornell, 1984; Ph.D., California at Santa Barbara, 1991.

Eugene Golowich, Professor, B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1961; Ph.D., Cornell, 1965.

Robert B. Hallock, Distinguished Professor, B.S., Massachusetts, 1965; M.S., Stanford, 1967; Ph.D., 1969.

Stanley S. Hertzbach, Professor and Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences, B.E.S., Johns Hopkins, 1959; Ph.D., 1965.

David A. Kastor, Lecturer, S.B., Cornell, 1983; Ph.D., Chicago, 1988.

David Kawall, Assistant Professor, B.S., Toronto, 1989; Ph.D., Stanford, 1996.

William J. Leonard, Research Associate Professor, B.S., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1982; Ph.D., 1988.

Jonathan L. Machta, Professor, B.S., Michigan, 1975; M.S., Illinois, 1976; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1980.

Narayanan Menon, Professor, M.Sc., Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India, 1988; Ph.D., Chicago, 1995.

Rory A. Miskimen, Professor, B.A., California at Berkeley, 1978; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1983.

Andrea P. Pocar, Assistant Professor, B.S., Universita Statalè di Milano, Italy, 1996; Ph.D., Princeton, 2003.

Nikolay Prokofiev, Professor, M.S., Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, 1982; Ph.D., Kurchatov Institute, Russia, 1987.

Monroe S. Rabin, Professor, A.B., Columbia, 1961; M.S., Rutgers, 1964; Ph.D., 1967.

Jennifer L. Ross, Assistant Professor, B.A., Wellesley, 2000; Ph.D., California at Santa Barbara, 2004.

Christian Santangelo, Assistant Professor, B.A., Cornell, 1997; Ph.D., California at Santa Barbara, 2004.

Lorenzo Sorbo, Assistant Professor, B.S., Bologna, Italy, 1997; Ph.D., International School of Advanced Studies, Trieste, Italy, 2001.

Boris V. Svistunov, Professor, M.S., Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, 1983; Ph.D., Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, 1990.

Jennie Traschen, Professor, B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic, 1977; M.S., Harvard, 1981; Ph.D., 1984.

Mark T. Tuominen, Professor, B.S., Minnesota, 1986; Ph.D., 1990.

Stephane Willocq, Associate Professor, B.S., Université Lebre de Bruxelles, 1985; Ph.D., Tufts, 1992.

Adjunct Faculty

David Lawrence, Adjunct Assistant Professor.

Murugappan Muthukumar, Adjunct Professor.