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Nutrition Courses

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All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise specified.

572 Community Nutrition
Skills and techniques needed to effectively carry out community nutrition programs and nutrition education, including knowledge of agencies and programs, community assessment, legislation, nutrition education, and working with people. Prerequisite: NUTRITN 352 or consent of instructor.

573 Community Nutrition Fieldwork
Supervised fieldwork experience in community nutrition programs. Prerequisites: NUTRITN 572 and consent of instructor. Credit, 3-6. 

577 Nutritional Problems in the U.S.
Food-related problems and policies. Availability and safety of U.S. food supply. Evaluation of nutritional status of the general population and vulnerable groups. Social, psychological, and economic influences on food intake. Alternative food patterns. Prerequisite: NUTRITN 352.

578 Nutritional Problems of Developing Nations
Malnutrition as it exists in developing countries and its socioeconomic background. Protein-energy malnutrition, famine, vitamin and mineral deficiency diseases, synergism between nutrition and infection, and the role of international agencies in fighting malnutrition. Prerequisite: NUTRITN 352 or consent of instructor.

580 Medical Nutrition Therapy
Physiological and metabolic bases for nutritional care and the application of this knowledge to the treatment of specific diseases. Topics include surgery, burns, infections, cancer, liver diseases, renal failure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and alternative modes of feeding. Credit, 5.

585 Practical Skills in Nutrition Counseling
Introduction to and practice of nutrition counseling skills including counseling theories and health behavior theories; effective counseling skills; information giving, education, and counseling; and counseling relationships. Prerequisites: NUTRITN 580; may be taken concurrently.

630 Nutrition and Chronic Diseases
Metabolic roles of dietary components in the etiology and pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, protein-energy malnutrition, anemia, and cancer. Metabolism of nutrients associated with each disease and the influence of overall dietary composition. Prerequisites: general biochemistry and/or nutritional biochemistry.

640 Public Health Nutrition
A practice-based approach to public health nutrition processes through readings, lectures, and active participation. Assessing community needs; priorities, goals and objectives; implementing an intervention; designing a nutrition plan; building coalitions; and preparing grant applications. Prerequisites: NUTRITN 572 and 577 or consent of instructor.

678 Topics in International Nutrition
Causes and consequences of malnutrition in developing countries from an interdisciplinary viewpoint. Some knowledge of agriculture nutrition and/or health sciences required. Student presentations and discussion of current issues pertaining to nutrition and development. Prerequisite: NUTRITN 578 or consent of instructor.

696 Research Problem
Mainly for candidates for the Master of Science degree who do not write a thesis. Original research expected. Two bound copies of a written report of the study required by the department. Credit, 3-6.

698 Nutrition Practicum
Practical field experience in human nutrition. Prerequisite: NUTRITN 352 or consent of instructor.

699 Master’s Thesis
Individual research. Credit, 1-6.

713 Advanced Nutrition — Carbohydrates, Lipids and Energy
Metabolic role of carbohydrates and lipids as sources of energy. Energy production at cellular level and consideration of whole body energy balance. Prerequisite: BIOCHEM 523 or consent of instructor.

714 Advanced Nutrition — Vitamins
Metabolic role of vitamins, specific functions, requirements, sources, assay methods, effects of deficiencies and excesses. Prerequisite: NUTRITN 713 or consent of instructor.

715 Advanced Nutrition — Minerals
Metabolic role of minerals, specific functions, requirements, sources, assay methods, effects of deficiencies and excesses. Prerequisite: NUTRITN 713 or consent of instructor.

716 Proteins in Human Nutrition
Digestion, absorption, and metabolism of proteins and amino acids. Evaluation of protein value of foods and dietaries, protein requirements and malnutrition. Prerequisite: BIOCHEM 523 or consent of instructor.

731 Nutritional Assessment
Procedures used in assessing human nu-triture, including demographic, clinical, anthropometric, biochemical, and dietary intake methodologies. Standards of evaluation and validity of procedures used in national surveys and other pertinent studies.

741 Methods in Nutrition Research
Introduction to the design and implementation of qualitative and quantitative nutrition research projects and writing grant proposals.

793 Seminar
Readings, reports and discussions on current literature in area of food or nutrition. Credit, 1.

794 Seminar
Review of current literature and research. Visiting lecturers. One class hour. Credit, 1.

796 Research Project
Research on problems not related to thesis. Credit, 1-4.

896 Research Project
Consent of graduate instructor required. Not a thesis; for Ph.D. candidates only. Credit, 1-4.

899 Doctoral Dissertation
Credit, 18.