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Nursing Faculty

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Graduate Faculty

Jean Elizabeth Swinney, Associate Professor and Dean of the School of Nursing, B.S.N., New York University, 1964; M.A., 1980; Ph.D., Texas at Austin, 1992.

M. Christine King, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director, B.S., Maryland, 1974; M.S., Boston University, 1976; Ed.D., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1988.

Genevieve Chandler, Associate Professor, B.S.N., D’Youville College, 1971; M.S.N., Boston University, 1975; Ph.D., Utah, 1986.

Jeungok Choi, Assistant Professor, B.S.N., Seoul National University, 1983; M.S.N., 1987; M.P.H., Tufts, 1999; Ph.D., Boston College, 2001.

Jean DeMartinis, Associate Professor, B.S., Ball State, 1977; M.A., 1979; Ph.D., Texas at Austin, 1991.

Eileen Hayes, Associate Professor, B.S.N., Worcester State, 1980; M.S., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1988; Ph.D., 1997.

Elizabeth Henneman, Associate Professor, B.S.N., Boston College, 1979; M.S., Colorado at Denver, 1986; Ph.D., California at Los Angeles, 1998.

Cynthia Jacelon, Associate Professor, B.S., Trenton State College, 1980; M.S.N., Boston University, 1986; Ph.D., New York University School of Education, 2000.

Karen Kalmakis, Assistant Professor, B.S.N., Elms College, 1986; M.S.N., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1993; M.P.H., 2005; Ph.D., 2008.

Karen Plotkin, Clinical Assistant Professor, B.S.N., Fitchburg State, 1980; M.S., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1994; Ph.D., 2004.

Joan Roche, Clinical Assistant Professor, B.A., Dayton, 1968; M.S., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1993; Ph.D., 2004.

Donna Zucker, Associate Professor, B.S., Loyola, 1980; M.S., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1990; Ph.D., Rhode Island, 1999.