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Music Courses

Faculty | Master's | Doctoral | Courses

All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise specified.

500 The Middle Ages

501 The 17th Century

502 Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven

503 The 19th Century

504 Music of the 20th Century

505 History of Opera

506 Music of the Renaissance

507 The Age of Bach and Handel

510 Counterpoint

Writing and analysis of invertible counterpoint, various canonic devices, and fugue.

511 Orchestration
Problems in scoring for various ensembles including full orchestra.

516, 517, 519 and 618A-V Performance: Individual Instruction
Literature and instrumental technique or voice production. Audition required. Credit, 1-4. 

A Applied Piano

B Applied Organ

C Applied Voice

D Applied Violin

E Applied Viola

F Applied Cello

G Applied String Bass

J Applied Oboe

K Applied Clarinet

L Applied Bassoon

M Applied Saxophone

N Applied Trumpet

O Applied French Horn

P Applied Trombone

R Applied Baritone Horn

S Applied Tuba

T Applied Percussion

U Applied Flute

V Applied Piano Accompaniment

525 Music in Education — Philosophical Foundations
Basis for development of a personal philosophy of music education through extensive reading and discussion. Analysis of philosophical considerations of music education.

585 Fundamentals of Electronic Music

586 Introduction to Digital Music Synthesis

600 Musicology Seminar I
Bibliography, materials, and research methods in historical and systematic musicology.

601 Musicology Seminar II
Specialized topics in historical and systematic musicology. May be repeated for credit with varying content as advised.

610-613 Analysis of Music
Representative compositions from each period. Analysis by score and sound of the various musical forms and media.

610 Analysis of Music 1600-1750

611 Analysis of Music 1750-1825

612 Analysis of Music 1825-1890

613 Analysis of Music 1890-Present

615 History and Pedagogy of Theory
Principal authors of treatises dealing with composition, counterpoint, and harmony. Emphasis on relationship between works discussed and contemporary pedagogical techniques of presenting theory and allied subjects.

620 Supervision and Administration of Music
Function of the music supervisor, and administrative problems in public school.

621 Research in Music Education
Individual research projects in selected areas of music education.

630 Graduate Recital
Credit, 2.

631 Graduate Composition Project
Credit, 2.

659 Composition
Free composition in various forms and media. Credit, 1-4.

696 Independent Study
Credit, 1-6.

697 Special Topics
Credit, 1-6.

699 Master’s Thesis
Credit, 3-10.

899 Doctoral Dissertation
Credit, 18.

Performing Organizations

(Each ensemble receives 1 credit.)

(Audition Required)

551-553 Small Ensemble

560 University Chorale

561 University Chorale Chamber Singers

562 Women’s Choir

563 Chamber Choir

564 Madrigal Singers

565 University Orchestra

566 Marching Band
Fall semester only. Credit, 2.

567 Symphony Band

568 Wind Ensemble

569 Concert Band

570 Jazz Workshop

572 Trombone Choir

574 String Bass Ensemble

575 Chamber Jazz Ensemble

576 Percussion Ensemble

577 UMass Marimbas

578 Collegium Musicum

579 Vocal Jazz Ensemble

580 Performance Workshop for Singers
Credit, 2.

582 Chamber Orchestra—Opus 1