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Molecular & Cellular Biology Courses

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All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise specified.

641 Advanced Cellular Biology
Structure and function of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Properties of membranes and cellular transport systems, energy transduction, assembly and morphogenesis of organelles, organization of nucleus and cytoskeleton. Experimental approaches emphasized. Credit, 4.

642 Advanced Molecular Biology
Structure, biosynthesis, and function of nucleic acids and the translational apparatus. DNA replication, gene organization, chromatin structure, RNA transcription, regulation of gene expression, and protein biosynthesis. Credit, 4.

696 Independent Study
Laboratory research under direction of faculty member. Credit, 1-6.

698 Master’s Project
Credit, 6.

699 Master’s Thesis

Credit, 1-10.

899 Doctoral Dissertation
Credit, 18.

Program-related Courses

ANIMLSCI 521 Physiology of Reproduction
ANIMLSCI 597A Immunology
ANIMLSCI 642 Molecular Medicine
BIOCHEM 657 Drug Design
BIOLOGY 510 Plant Physiology
BIOLOGY 511 Experimental Plant Physiology
BIOLOGY 523 Histology
BIOLOGY 565 Human Physiology
BIOLOGY 568 Experimental Endocrinology
BIOLOGY 571 Biological Rhythms
BIOLOGY 572 Neurobiology
BIOLOGY 574 Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton
BIOLOGY 597E Advanced Physiology
CHEM 650 Metals in Biology
CHEM 657 Drug Design
CHEM 728 Biophysical Chemistry
CHEM 791A Bioanalytical Chemistry
MICROBIO 540 Immunology
MICROBIO 542 Immunology Laboratory
MICROBIO 560 Microbial Diversity
MICROBIO 570 Virology
MICROBIO 590S Parasitology
MICROBIO 680 Microbial Physiology
MICROBIO 690K Bioformatics
PSYCH 572 Neurobiology

Special topics courses and graduate-level courses in various departments are taught by Molecular and Cellular Biology faculty and are accepted for credit. Graduate-level courses are accepted for credit if approved by the student’s dissertation adviser.