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Hospitality and Tourism Management Courses

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All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise specified.

591 Seminars in Hospitality Management and Administration
Examination of foundation areas of critical importance to the hospitality industry.

600 Hospitality and Tourism Information Systems
Design and implementation of various management information systems within hospitality industry operations, and their implications for management organization, planning and control.

606 Hospitality Planning and Decision Models
Application of planning and decision models to management problems of the hospitality industries. Emphasis on analytical and quantitative decision models.

633 Tourism Policy and Development
Dimensions of tourism, markets, travel trends. Economics, social and cultural implications. Socioeconomic models and measurements of the consequences of tourism on a region.

644 Strategic Management in the Hospitality Industry
Top management business situations. Applications of theory and techniques from the field of strategic management.

666 Human Resources Management in the Hospitality Industry
Human resources management techniques in the hospitality industry. Initiating and accommodating change, both individual and at the organizational level.

677 Hospitality Market and Economic Feasibility Studies
Identification and description of factors which affect a proposed new hotel or restaurant and the development of pro forma statements projecting costs and profits for such ventures.

681 Pricing Strategy in the Hospitality Industry
The concepts of microeconomics—the study of markets and pricing—as they apply in the hospitality industry. Focus on market determination, price determination, and price strategy development for hotels and restaurants.

685 Hospitality Marketing Management
Application of marketing concepts to the industry: marketing as the central orientation and philosophy of the strategic planning of a hospitality firm.

688 Hospitality Research Methods
Theory and concepts of research design and methods, data collection and processing, and statistical interpretation of results.

691 Seminar in Advanced Financial Analysis
Introduction to financial analysis tools and techniques utilized in case studies in the hospitality industry.

692J Seminar in Hospitality Education
Application of theoretical principles and concepts to hospitality education. Emphasis on the culture of higher education.

692W Seminar in Hospitality and Tourism Promotions
A variety of marketing, advertising, and promotion techniques and theories. Applied projects and research.

692X Seminar in Hospitality Investing and Financial Management
Internal control, operating ratios, financial ratios, cost-volume profit analysis, financing the hospitality industry, hotel feasibility, joint venture and equity agreements, trusts, debt financing and restructuring, franchise agreements.

693W Seminar in Tourism Marketing
Emphasis on planning and strategic issues in tourism marketing used by hospitality and tourism organizations. Class projects and research develop students’ in-depth understanding, appreciation, and application of the use of new marketing applications.

695 Seminar in Food Service in the Hospitality Industries
Scope of commercial and institutional food service industry segments, current shifts and trends, future implications. Analysis of operations, controls, and financial management utilizing selected case studies.

696 Independent Study
Credit, 1-6.

697 Hospitality Industry Project

699 Master’s Thesis
Credit, 6.